Sunday, April 20, 2003

apples, oranges and bananas

Feeling rather pissed. Was watching the Simpsons and happily amused with the dysfunctional family's antics when my father suddenly took the remote going "Hold on a sec," and turned it to an F1 race.

Well, never knew that a second changed its value to two hours. -gloomily- It was going to end anyway but the missed three minutes was highly underestimated... Bart and Lisa's fate in that episode is forever gone. Can't see the point of watching F1... watching a hamster running on its wheel is definitely more interesting, though F1's car crashes can attract me attention. I mean, how could ANYONE watch the car go round, and round and round and round. Clearly, am wrong, as have friends who are an avid audience of this particular sport. Although, not very sure whether it's the race or the drivers that they are interested in.Which brings to mind, dearly hope that NEITHER of them read this, or else shall go to school friendless.

Came back today from me cousin's house. It's very nice to have someone to talk to and to have someone to be crazy with. Also, can act as though in own home, like the saying goes "chee kee yan mou yee see" (meaning, you can act yourself when around relatives). This saying might be wrong, because my Cantonese is downright embarassing and horrible. anyway, am going there every Saturday for tuition (but not to stay overnight everytime), and meet up with my older cousin (roger), cousin (apple pie), and friend (orange). I'm banana. Love these nicknames, though it always seem silly, but the laughs we get out of it is worth every silliness. Wasn't very close to my cousin (apple pie) when younger... her mom is my mom's sis, and am three days older than her and somehow everyone expected us to be bestest of friends (or cousins), but much to their dismay, it was a total opposite. Only during the last few years, we've gotten quite chummy so now relatives would shake their heads exclaiming "Aiya, see! Talking again! Cannot stop wan! These two ah...". Well, they have gotten what they wanted, haven't they? Bloody, still complain...

So far my resolution to jog at least once a week is still holding up well. Heart shall be healthy though thighs seem to be getting bigger, which totally throws off the point of my reason to exercise. But finds evening jogs nice, the fresh air and jiggly people in skin-tight thighs (oh yeah, tongue twister) and also, not forgetting, dodging dog poos that can be found scattered on the path.

current obsession: still in first position.... chocolate doughnuts!!!
now adores: someone who is not aware of adoration
height: if only my height is equivalent to weight...
weight: ahaha, anyone who lives in Malaysia and read today's the Star newspapers, seek the "Adam" cartoon. Totally me.
insanity-level: am recharging, extremely needed tomorrow to beat Monday glooms.

oooh, I'm getting used to this. Oh joy!

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gianne said...


1. jackson yeoh left...
Monday, 21 April 2003 1:30 am

hey, u label ur other friends food and me a hobbit! how unfair is that......? i want to be labelled as 'sweet pie'. mwahahahah.

i think i'm gonna puke


2. a reader left...
Tuesday, 22 April 2003 11:51 am


It's way more fun in the wheel. Not like I've been that near the burning tarmac, but hey, NFSHP2 makes it look good.

Albert Ng []

3. Pui Yee left...
Wednesday, 23 April 2003 2:39 am

Who u calling bengang, huh!?