Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Damn, and to think I used to scorn ppl who used blogs (though am an avid reader of blogs, cant help being 5+3). Am a contradictor in life and the net. mind me not!

hmm...what to write, what to write... i suppose i COULD resort to usual, boring style of introduction or an interesting one? harumph. decisions, decisions. currently am doing homework, yet before, the sight of me doing homework would send Ripley's crew running to film me! Or like seeing a rare situation taking place.

I'm serious, you know.

D.H. Lawrence is definately to be blamed. if it weren't for his "Last Lesson of the Afternoon", i wouldn't had given a single fuck to actually attempt to do any school work. enthusiastic teachers are rare in life though. still, they are human. bloody, bloody. now feel extremely guilty if dont pay attention in class or when not handing up homework on time, whereas last year, i never hand up anything unless if i had to and practically snored my 6 hours in school away.

hate homework, am only in school for co-curricular activities. i'm in interact, cyberbrigade, volleyball and taekwondo. recent events: volley team went to interzone, but defeated. interact hosted a charity concert, where i got my chance to prance around like a red monkey on stage (and also causing slight earthquake in new york) and gone pretty well.

current obsession: chocolate doughnuts
now adores: alllll byyy myself...
height: still short (platform shoes and high heels does no justice)
weight: as light as a hippo
insanity-level: negative. always leaves sanity at home and i'm at home =P

ah, now i'm done, so u can wake up now.

'tis a small step for me, but a huger step towards more crappiness!

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gianne said...


1. jackson yeoh left...
Sunday, 20 April 2003 2:45 am

ahahahha. see how influential am i! u hippo, bow down on me for i'm your blog ignition master! now we can crap more than ever in our blog! mwahahahahah!