Thursday, May 08, 2003

Bloody fawks...

The title explains everything. And no, am not talking about Dumbledore's bird. It's me trying to be nicer on my blog, ahahaha. Like it will last. Ah, see! Going off topic as usual, and to think i have so much to write now when my time is limited... Life is ironic, man. By the way, let me continue.

Oh my GOD, tomorrow is my History exam and it's 9pm and have not yet even touched the Form 4 text book. I'm so going to die. Physics today is a total waste of time... the only thing I managed to do properly in the paper is my silent written screams and nice doodles. Hmm... maybe should post that up. Well, an advice to you people out there... 10 hours is NOT enough to cramp two years of knowledge. Have been doing that for the past week... now me look like an overworked panda(bags under eyes) 'cause sleep at 2.30am (went to bed at one, but couldnt seem to sleep) and wake up at 6am. So if you happen to see me with protest flags sticking out of my ears? That will be my brain mogok-ing.

Ah, and other than knocking my head against the wall, my day's events consist of only one entry (which is not related to school). Saw my ex-crush today... was about 2 or 3 years ago when was infatuated with him. He remembers me, and I him but we both pretended not to know each other. lol. actually, if am still in likes with him, am abled to see him every school day... his school is right in front of my house. Today, I went out on the street to flag a taxi for my mom, and the every same moment, students streamed out from the gates and so tada. After all these years and he's still chubby, lol. Hmmm... I remember why was infatuated with him.. he LOOKS so innocent! Oooooh, when he saw me, it's like 'terkejut' and he stared. Okay,okay, have a confession. If I like someone, I simply could not take my eyes of them. And most of my crushes WOULD know that I like them. Fawk. But I was so cool this afternoon, mwahahahaha. A total stone fox! Haha, yea right.

current obsession: omigod, omigod, off to history!
now adores: need... SLEEP! =walks zombie-like=
height: do you suppose a fox is taller than me?
weight: i think stress ate some of my fats. YAY!

Saturday, May 03, 2003


Life is woeful. Why do I have a brother, and an extremely irritating one, at that too? It takes a great deal of patience to live with this person, and it's all I could do than to march over and register a tornado slap on his face. You seriously cant try to be nice to him. After the stuff I had to do the whole day, and I brought up his folded clothes at him, went out and sat down here to test some image editting stuff. A minute later, something was thrown at my head ("Your socks, you dumbass!"). And before that, was helping him call this number about the streamyx connection, which I had sincerely no clue about, and obviously, don't understand a hell the guy was saying. So called nice-and-polite brother over and he utters every single vulgar word in the dictionary and some I didnt even know existed. The guy on the other line must be getting an 'education', while I fumed. Arsehole, arsehole, arsehole.

As I said, all this needs a bloody-fucking temperature control and calmness. Yesss.... inner calm. Forget the physical world and indulge in some mind-healing acts! Here we go: Ohmmmmmm-hatehim-mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I'm healed.

Alright, I have no idea why your eyes reached here based on crappiness above. Hmm... had neglected this blog of mine for days! Unless something rage-worthy happens in me life. Maybe should change the name to "Attack of Internet-Raging Girl" or "Blabber of the Insane&Angry" or "World of Crappiness Rage" or "Depressed Rants Blog" or similiar. Anyway, day's happenings.

Went to cousin's house for Add Maths tuition and found out that one of his friends have been calling me 'Dwarf'. Hmm... add that to my list of "Midget" and "Hippo" and "Ninja Turtle Face". But am plotting a comeback against him... don't mind if friends call me that, and he's not. Has been criticising friends too. Looked like such a 'good' boy, konon la.

In relation to demented mind: The other day, saw this lorry on the road with the words "Barang-Barang Panjang" on the back of it. You know those lorries that carry the construction stuff and usally have a red hankerchief tied at the end as a warning to drivers behind the vehicle? Well, suddenly imagined guy friends, all standing in a row on the back of the lorry with the sign changed to "Barang-Barang Pendek".

For Visual Support=P

Not that I have seen theirs before, but just found it funny. Have to find life amusing, or else, shall dive into a bottomless hole filled with empty chocolate boxes (oh, the torture). Ooh, yes, I had 'loads' of time, so here am I. Should dedicate my time studying for next week's mid term exam, but I'm a bloody procastinator. I will, after this. It's my brother's fault. If he didnt spark off my mood, would had my head buried in add maths and history. I study most for history. But the irony is that always get the lowest mark in that subject. Love reading History, but to memorize Suryavarman's temple properties and the Portugese's journey into the East is another. Love Add Maths when know how it is done.

current obsession: interpretting tarot cards
now adores: sleeping
height: dwarf! =sob!=
weight: don't want to give a flying fuck