Tuesday, June 03, 2003

excuse my procrastination

Before I begin, I would like to extend my apologies to visitors to my blog. *AHEM*

Firstly, you have experienced the famous habit of moi. Procastination. Speaking of which, once my mom got so pissed off at this inborn talent of mine, and sentenced me to write the word(sorry for the bad pun) 'procastination' around 1000-10,000 times. That was three years back, and I never got to even getting out a paper. The irony of the whole thing! -lol-
Secondly, for the fruity appearance of blog... resembles a watermelon, doesn't it? I pointed it out to my dad, and he was embarassed. Yousee, my brother and I has uncovered the greatest archeology find ever in the Yap household... parents' old photographs! There's this one where he was decked out in a red shirt and green bell-bottomed pants. And I'm talking NEON BRIGHT! Haha, come to think of it, the inability to match colours has been passed down (or up,we're never sure)! Ah, I wonder if MY next kin will hoot and laugh like little hyena brats once they see my teen fashion. Oh my god, dont even let me get started on how stupid I look sometimes. Not that I know it at that time,because it can be so fun dressing up and experimenting. Sometimes I look back in pictures and I think, that's ME. Pure me. This is what I had liked before. Though I laugh and blush, I love these memories. Wish I could visit my 15 year old self, show her the picture, laugh hysterically, then come back to this year. What shall I do if I see another me? I think I might beat the hell out of erm,me. Er. Drop this. I'm getting confused... if I cant understand what the hell I'm talking, neither could you. Anyway,had the hippie phase (beads, head band, hemp stuff, name it), 'sexy' phase and currently crazy and colourful phase.

Erm. Done with apologies. LOL.

Back to current life, it's holidays now, and had received one leaked exam score [LKJ]by a friend ofmine. Don't worry, I will not disclose your name, right, Lean Chiew? Mwahhaahha.
I didn't know that last year was such a fun year for me. Maybe it's due to the fact that it's 'honeymoon' year, fun classmates, getting to know big ears and so on. Haha, hobbit sent me our past chat transcript, and there were some forgotten F4 experiences:

There was this lil Girl Guide who followed me around the school compound for a hour after school and I didnt even know, until she came up and asked for my signature to confirm my... activities. Included in the list, a damn long list at that too, because I was restless that day and because someone let my airplane go (er, cantonese term 'fong ngo ge fei kei'). Anyway, you should see the list, which includes: "Jalan sana sini. Berfikir. Duduk di koridor. Minum air water-cooler. Menari. Menyanyi. Melompat-lompat." Hilarious I tell you.Then as I signed to confirm it (it's some initiation to join girl guide:follow someone), I told her, "You know, I walked a lot..." and she replied with a straight face, "I know."

And loads more. Or the time, after waiting for four hours for my dad to come home for dinner, my mom got fed up for reminding him (he goes "will be back in a hour." and "coming coming" and still not sight of him for hours.and the food my mom cooked was getting all cold and we have to wait for him to eat together), and told me to call and scold him instead (all of us at home were very p/o). Moreover, he refused to answer all calls from home. So I marched over to the phone, pressed the redial button and the moment the person on the next line answered(ahah! he answered!), I unleased the pissed-offness. "DAD! We've been waiting for you for FOUR hours, and the food is all cold. If you cant come home on time, then dont keep us waiting! It was 4 when we called you, and you said you're near the house! Now it's 8pm, and there is no sight of you! We're all sitting around the table like dungus, watching the food, not eating, waiting for ur arrival!" And on and on I went. Finally I stopped. Then a scared reply came: "Uh.What dinner? What home?" Anyway, turns out that my bro had called his friend after my mom called my dad. I turned white and slammed down the phone and went, "Oh. SHIT." Well, the good thing that came out of this was that when my mom and bro heard what happened, the whole moody and angry mood vanished and soon we were all rolling on the floor laughing. Then my bro's friend sms-ed him. My bro explained, with me saying sorry, sorry in the background and still laughing. And a direct quote from his friend, "Hak gao sei ngo..." (Scared the shit outta me). Anyway, it's a blessing in disguise, because if it was really my dad, he would had whalloped me once he got home. Horrible tempers should be controlled.

Ah. BTW, tried painting the other day. This is the result.

current obsession: need to clean room. it's a disgrace
now adores: CGs!
height: am taller than mum!
weight: getting fatter... stopped exercising

signing off,


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gianne said...


1. a reader left...
Tuesday, 3 June 2003 2:20 am
hahahaha. you know i must say you have the best blog entry among all the entries that i read b4. (maybe cause you mentioned my name so much?? =D)
hmmph! thanks to MEEEEEEE, only you have so much inspiration to write - the past chat transcript!
and gianne, a good lesson to be learn is try to listen to the other persons voice on the phone b4 attempting phone sex next time, if not it could be BIG EARS your talking to!! DIE DIE DIE!! hahaha

anyway about your painting.... looks so CUTE.... just like me 5 years old newphews werk. hahahaha kidding. but tell me is it a self potrait? do you envisioned yourself being thin and fair? lemme stab in your heart and tell u its not going to be true!! mwahahahah. no kidding again. seriously, i think its good, considering we r bloody science students...

hmph. pretty long comment. this is to compensate for the lack of blogging in your part and the amount of spam u did on my blog =P


sephquartz aka tall hobbit