Sunday, June 15, 2003

Two Weeks in One

Alrite, this was supposed to be posted about a week back, but i'm such a lazy pig hippo. Well, last week was the school holidays and it's now over *sob!* Actually I planned to study 24/7, but all I managed to achieve was getting myself addicted to the internet. I just can't seem to drag myself away from it, as if a strong magnets of opposite ends. Hmmm, I thinkit was mainly because I'm trying to design a cover for my school magazine, just to try my luck... All seems to turn out crappy. If you want to see AKA ke-po-chi / 5+3, here's the links to a few of the satisfactory ones.

Original | Re-Touched = the HAND! *gasp*
Original | Re-Touched = Crop Circles? *alien shakes head*
[the two above is not done yet...]
Original = did this for fun, not for magazine

I've posted them at this forum where everyone is going, "Oh, it's a good attempt...". OOOHHHH, detest the word attempt now. Yes, do agree design aint professional enough, but no point beating around the bush about how they hate it. However, they are kind enough to give me tips on how professional stuff looks like and me do appreciate it. Am really in the donkey situation now though. Trying to please people everywhere, meaning. Ready to give up liau, as really suck in symbolism, and prefer scenes like the seaside, forest, etc. Furthermore, love colours but am tied down by school's traditional two-colour cover (blue and black, like getting a shiner). LOL, didnt not know that last year and did this. Well, it looked better in my noodles/brain, yet i suppose it's close enough, based on my skills. Am still in high school, forgive me.


Ah, back to social life, lol. Last week,on Tuesday, I went with my happy 'family' to Sunway Pyramids.... Happy 'family' meaning my schoolmates ; Mun Ling ('Supreme Nanny'), Sze Jun (my 'niece'), May Hwa (also my 'niece') and Puvi ('Nanny'). Am Aunty G! LOL. Anyway, they are all from the same class and a lot of peeps from their class were there too, methinks it's their class gathering. Oh what the heck, was not the only alien there, lol. So first thing we did was MAKAN! Ate at McD's and had the Finding Nemo ValueMeal [however, now wished I had ordered a Happy Meal, 'cause there would be Finding Nemo talking toysin it, EEE!]. We went ice-skating next, and it was hilarious. [But, Puvi didnt skate] I mean, yes, have gone a couple of times, so knew how to do so, but it's my friends' first time on it. They fell a couple of times, which is typical, but they deserve a cheer for braving the ice! Hip hip HURRAH! For first timers, they're pretty good. Compared to my first trip to ice-skating rink anyway... one step, PLOP!, one step, PLOP! Other than that, the boys were extremely funny. Not trying to put them down or anything, but they are really sticking to the sides. One time, my friend and i were skating towards this friend of ours, KW, who was standing still and not moving, and when he saw us he said," ...Don't touch me...". We almost pissed ourselves laughing and almost fell. Hah, balasan... Finally after two hours of skating, we decided to stop. Our feets hurt like crap, because for two hours, we've been wearing ill-fitting skates that are two sizes smaller than the size of our feet. It was really tight (doh.) We didnt feel it while skating though, and walking and massaging feet cures the aches. After we were all out from the rink, we headed for the sticker booth and had humongous fun doing poses and changing the background curtains etc. The result? Well, here's our favourite, the DOKI-DOKI! (anyone who knows the meaning,please tell me, lol)

from left: may hwa, me, mun ling and sze jun

haha, a quote from mun ling about this, "overgrown babies learning to walk on ice."

The next day, on Wednesday, went out with PY and 4 of her friends, which includes Amelia. They had looked extremely familiar, and I wondered why. Turns out, had met them before, in form 3, when I hung out with PY at this Hari Kantin in VI. Then we watched FINDING NEMO! Truth to be told, when I first heard of this movie, I didn't pay attention to it... what's so fun about some stupid fish that got separated from his overprotective father? But rave reviews made me rethink. And now I am in LOVE with that movie, and it's more than a stupid fish, but contains strong msgs. Here you laugh and cry and be awed by the amazing graphics. I daren't tell my fave parts, cuz some who would view this blog might not have seen it. dont wanna spoil it, lol. My fave character is Dory though, and i bought some cereal just because they had a Dory toy that can swim, LOL. HappyMeals, coming next! Their Dory toy speaks whale-language!!! My friend has the HappyMeals's Dory toy and one day at 3am, she was half-asleep when suddenly the toy started whale-talking. Scared the shit out of her, lol. Anyway, those who hadn't seen the movie, GO SEE IT.

One more thing, why does Disney always kill one parent or both off? Hmmm...

After the show, PY and I went jalan-jalan in KLCC and her friends went the other way. We walked and talked and window-shopped. Then we took a rest by ordering drinks and resting tired feet. PY order some drink starting with the letter 'C' and it was damn SOUR. it's like *sip* =screw up face= *gulp*=screw up face and bang fist on table=. It would prolly be nice for pregnant ladies then...

Ah, that's my week for you. In school, nothing much has happened, other than getting back our exam papers. I think I've done pretty well... unfortunately, teachers thought I cheated(HARUMPH!). Pretty funny actually... i mean, when i get low marks, i get glares for not scoring in their exams, but when i scored, they said i cheated. Yet i could not blame them, because firstly, i never studied for exams, but this one was an exception. Secondly, schools around KL got the same paper set by some Jabatan and they're really stupid in the sense that the timetable for the exams are different for each school. So those school who had done certain papers first, would hand the questions to those who hadn't sit for the exam yet. Tada, memorize and basically just xerox.

Besides that, myclass must be really terrible to our maths teacher, because she brought in someone to shake some sense into us. And of all people she had to complain to, she chose our principal, who is famous for her long and repeated (same points over and over again) speeches. Actually it's about the homework, we dont hand it up on time... So those who did their homework had to suffer too. Hmmm... now Maths teacher has new ammunition : "Keep quiet or else!" And knowing what the "else" would be, and not wanting to sacrifice another recess for the "else's" cheong-hei-ness, we just do as she says. Used to like that teacher; shy and teaches. But she was front-stabbing us, and the whole scene is pretty corny and as if out from the book. Part of me says "she has a reason to do so! how a teacher suffers!" and another "yet as a human, she should try talking to the class first and most prolly we would understand what she is going through". Some of the students who did the h/w felt hurt and pissed of course. She ought to pull the wrong-doers aside and tell them off instead of what she did.
Ai, in the middle, as a human and a student, two diff opinions.

current obsession:
now adores: CGs!
height: taller than bouncy choo =P
weight: resuming martial arts practice...

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gianne said...


1. a reader left...
Sunday, 15 June 2003 11:51 pm
hahaha long winded hippo, i really enjoy reading your blog though, cause maybe u dont write OFTEN and when i say that i mean u write only RARELY.
haha. start from top to bottom.

u need patience for the magazine cover and i think u had a great start, going into forums and stuff, later u'll just have everythiig under your nose and *poof* the cover is out and everyone is like "gianne, your so good at designing!" , "gianne, kam keng!" etc. *ehem* i'm speaking from experience. hehe. *gloat gloat bloat*

hmm hmm hmm, u couldve at least mention MEEEEE when talking about your outing wif pui yee for calling in and disrupting the lunch. harumph!(hehehe i crave for attention :P :P :P)

and doki doki means dumb people in japanese. i learn japanese remember? just kidding. :P :P

well dont worry about the teachers thingie, this stuff happens, so dont act like its the first for you. your in f5. just live wif these imperfect teachers till graduation. irony and sarcasm. try to detect it.

and great to hear u FINALLY get good grades. keep it on. u'll then advance to SPM with ease. mwahahaahha.


sephquartz aka tall hobbit

2. a reader left...
Monday, 16 June 2003 1:16 am
after such horrid experience screwing my face and whacking my fists, that name is etched in my memory FOREVER!
lol, good one.
just try fer the cover and if they dun like it, screw them and use it for ur own future magazine called `hippo and family' instead :p.

pui yee

3. a reader left...
Thursday, 19 June 2003 1:27 am
hey...took a look at ur cover designs...honestly for someone who's not had 'real' training (i'm assuming u didn't lar)...ur designs are nice wat..btw, i understand comepletely how u must feel abt the rut of re-designing something over and over and over and over and over again...welcome to ur first pseudo-taste of working in an ad agency or something liddet...persistence is wat it takes and i believe u have it...somewhere...haha *jk*

finding nemo is EXTREMELY good...i was drooling over the 3D animation execution...marvellous piece of work from PIXAR...watched it twice who's nuts now eh? =) o yea...i've got the 'swimming' dory toy too...courtesy of nestle's koko krunch

yeh, abt teachers...dun's only a few more months til ur out and gone fr's well worth the wait to escape hated teachers *grin*

one last more pix of urself w/ clearer face view pls! at least can see how u look like mar...the last i saw u was 2 yrs ago...

redphayze []