Thursday, August 14, 2003

Erm, I plead guilty for neglience

... neglience or how it is spelt anyway, i forgot. will look it up in oxford later. speaking of which, actually if we can't spell a word, why do we search for it in the dictionary? it's not like we know how the arrangement of letters in that particular word...

yes, yes, i know, i know, there's cobwebs surrounding my blog and i'll just blame it on my star sign, which is libra... haven't you heard of lazy librans? well, now you do =). Gawd, feel so awful towards blog! and readers, if i have any left, LOL. sorry la, here, this is me foot in living room.

yes, living room messy. reason: kuachi-eating and i think the white thing on the right is a sock.

hmm... to put everything in a summary, the time of me life that fill the huge gap from my last blog entry and this current one is pretty interesting. interesting, not necessarily enjoyable, but heck, what's life without problems anyway? actually from beginning of july till mid-july, everything is peachy and absolutely great! hehe, hate to sound show-offy, but my bro got a nice business deal (or accumulated commision, i forgot) and had some $$$ to spare. so to me he gave his CPU (but new motherboard), which i think is practically God, as it is wayyyy faster than my old one, which if compared, is a retarded snail(old CPU) to a leopard (new CPU!). hurrah! no more attempts to smash screen or kick CPU down the stairs or similiar!!! furthermore, am an avid CG (computer graphics) designer, so need fast, good and non-hanging pc.

now, by this time, am already at my knees, bowing to my brother. THEN one day, came home from tuition and my mom rushed to me, face all panicky, going, "gianne! run up to ur bedroom and get this red file! it's very urgent, hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!" so, ran like life depended on it, and went into my room. eyes scanned room. saw no damned red file! just as the thought that my mom is starting to show senility, something brown and tiny scampered across the bed. for a mo', was damn blur, and was thinking, "chocolate?" then when realized what it was, i think i positively squealed. the 'thing' finally sat still and it looked like this : was a pup! looks more like a kancil/deer (shit, should had called her bambi or something), and she was standing on these long spindly legs that looks so fragile. initially, my first thought, shit, she's ugly! but i ran over to hug the pup anyway... a dog is still a dog, and just as lovable as any other. she did look extremely adorable with her wide innocent bambi eyes. my cousins who came home with me, took a glance at the pup and went, "who's the demon!" my bro came in, saying, "the dog is yours." and just couldnt believe it until my mom confirmed it. well, hey, there were visitors downstairs, so i thought the pup was theirs. then my mom and bro told me to name her watever i want to, it's in my hands. so i went, "shoshanna." you should have seen the expression on their faces! as if i decided to name her "shit" or "poo face" or something. anyway, she was dory for three days, when my mom and bro said, "no way!" and they named her milo. harrumph! so much for giving me the honour to name her.

it is now about more than a month since i got her, and found out that she's very innocent when she's sleeping. heck, i love her anyways. oh, btw, she's a miniature pinscher. now i have a total of four dogs. will show you guys their pic some other time. and u know the sock in living room picture? it's her chew toy. it's clean, dont worry, haha. another pic!

about two weeks back though, my mom took a fall on her head really late at night. we had to call an ambulance, and at that time was crying and crying, because one of my friend's mom just recently passed away and was starting to imagine horrible things. she couldnt open her eyes and slipped in and out of consciousness. As for the ambulance that came... I seriously think he's an ex-Metrobus driver. why?
- drove extremely fast (v. good)
- accelerate at corners
- runs through red light
- often brakes suddenly
- flies in mid-air when goes over a bump
nevertheless, my mom got to the hospital really quick and started vomitting. Doctor says it's common for those who suffered concussions in the head. She went through a CT scan, etc etc, and to our relief, she's all right. and you know something? her fall is really a blessing in disguise. You see, the doctors discovered something totally unrelated to her fall. they found some growth very near her left eye and brain. no, no, it's not cancer, but it's great that this is discovered early, or else come complexity may appear. i always believe that my mom is protected by this unknown forces... everything happens for a reason, and i'm glad for that fact. am also that these problems are overcomed and those in it emerge stronger and more united. sure, not trying to be miss perky, we DO get depressed when challenges looks at us in the face. in life, we're survivors. i love life.

ah, yes, everything returned normal... where normal can mean a lot of things.

besides that, am addicted to computer. must stop this habit quick because in less that four months, am going to have a torturous time in exam hall... 'important' exam. results shall 'determine' my life path. seriously,think 11 years of education is a complete waste.well, not really, or else wouldnt had found good and nice friends =).maybe exaggerating, education IS good in some ways, it doesn't leave one in a bliss of ignorance. if one is an ignoramus,she/he/it will be free food for the hungry real world.

anyway, will sign off here, and will sincerely try to update blog more often!