Tuesday, October 21, 2003

the attack of the fleas

yes, that is right, the horrible bloodsucking creatures have taken over my home! reasons: termination of the pest control service and the fact that my bro didnt bathe our three dogs outside for like, 5 weeks (it's his job, me chips in if he asks nicely), and it seems like it's the ticks breeding season.so during the past four days (saturday,sunday, monday, tuesday... didnt go to school for two days), i ended up plonking myself in front of the dogs, picking fat fleas and dropping them into a jar of turpentine. once done, i set the turpentine with fleas on fire. bro and i would watch the fire with great satisfaction.ahhh... sweet revenge. especially the fat ones that drain my doggies' blood. the next day, we bathe the dogs and sprayed the house with flea repellent... there were a lot that sneaked into our living room and kitchen, so if u ever visit me, u might find my whole family at the floor searching for those god-blasted fleas and with a mini dustpan in our hands. it's so geli... i have to kill them with my fingernail and black goo will spurt outta them. yuck. and these days, all of us here are getting p[retty jittery, and often dash off to the bathroom and take a shower, just in case. but btw, dog fleas cannot bite into human skin... so it's okay la... but me fear that it will crawl into my ear. anyway, by this week, am positively sure we can search and destroy all of them. wish us luck! u have no idea how many buckets we have used to spray the house with flea repellent.

next topic! for my birthday, i've gotten a tropicana life wallet(haha, finally a wallet that i can fit my cards into), a book on dog crafts (this is absolutely cute), a box of lotsa chocolate(i love my cousin), a notebook, a soft toy turtle(milo loves it loads... she keeps running away with it), glow-in-the-dark butterflies(once repaint room, will have loads of those on my wall!), a hematite necklace(promotes self-confidence, hmmm), a watch , wind chimes (scary when sounded at night) and those sand time-turners. my parents didnt give me anything on bday, cuz i used up my bday pressie throughout the year... like my mom bought me the harry potter 5 and my bro gotten me a dog and a new motherboard, my dad bought pizzas... lol.

i guess i have nothing else to say, SPM is two weeks away and havent touched most of my books yet. ta then.

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gianne said...


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Tuesday, 21 October 2003 8:37 pm
dog fleas can't bite into human skin?
*looks at my skin*

that's a little relieve...

and ooh. eppy belated b-day.

pui yee