Thursday, October 16, 2003

linkin park rules!!!!

omigod, can't believe this... been to a linkin park concert(yesterday!), and it was so friggin awesome! oh man, i want to rewind my life back to yesterday so i could watch them again! throughout the concert, was screaming, shouting, singing, jumping, dancing and waving my arms in the air like a madwoman! i only know their famous songs, like in the end, somewhere i belong, numb, faint, papercut, crawling, one step closer, etc. there were some songs that am so blur to... 'cause i have not their album and am a great believer in radio (as it has more variety).anyway, i might get their albums (not pirated ones)in january where CD prices will drop to a much much more reasonable price. and am buying original, 'cause they deserve it.

anyway, bought the RM127, but unfortunately it's neither mosh pit nor celcom inner circle, as am underaged, so have to settle for the reserved seats. the good thing is, i need not drag my ass there at 4.00pm to push and shove for good seats. asha, charlene and i arrived there abt 7.30pm. the place outside the stadium were filled with stalls selling drinks, food (including chestnuts and kacangs,lol) and LP merchandise. it's so pasar malam... and these ppl are so rip-off-ers. it's like every item there is overcharged by 200%. for example, a simple mineral bottle would cost RM 2-3, where outside, you can get it at 80 cents or RM1.

entered the stadium (after the guards confiscated our bottles), and found our seat. i actually intended to scare lean chiew from the back, but that idiot turned at the last second. so all of us waited for the concert to start. meanwhile, we saw utt, and sarah tan from mtv or channel v (cant remember) in the celcom circle, and we also plotted ways to get a clearer view of stage, which among the "good" ideas is to wallop the policemen unconscious and don their outfits.

8.40: too phat came on, and that's when we stood up and cheered. a lot of ppl from the front row moved forward, because we didnt exactly get a good view if we sit down
9.10: told by security guards to sit down, because ppl behind refuse to stand up and doesnt want to see our arses. so we sat, but unwillingly. i hate our section. too phat stopped performing (it's a hip-hop band, btw, with breakdancing etc)
9.30: still sitting, and linkin park came on stage... it was sooo awesome, and since we couldnt stand up, we danced and sang and yelled from our seats. they were so excellent and chester was like, "malaysia boleh!"
9.35: when the first song finished, ppl in the mosh pit were starting to feel dizzy and faint. one after another, were carried out to the tracks to get a breather and to recover before they return.
9.40: by the third song, asha and i were like, so pissed because the ppl behind us are like sooo dead, they didnt stand, didnt yell, and shouldnt had come at all. then we spotted, on our left, a much hippier section where loads of ppl were yelling, jumping, dancing and yes, standing of course. immediately, we left our seats and went to boogie there and ENJOY. those ppl stting are INSANE i tell you! so fucking pissed!

the concert ended at abt 10.45-11.00pm, and it's one of the most mindblowing, stress buster and bloody FANTASTIC concert i've ever been to. they sang abt 15++ songs, and we didnt want them to go at ALL.haha, and one of my fave part of the concert was when chester asks the crowd to shout "GO AWAY" and gotten a lukewarm response. it seems like the audience thought that LP is asking us to tell them to blah. LOL, even chester smiled(it was on the big screen) amusedly. but then they started on the song which contains the words "GO AWAY!!!" and the audience understood. i think every song that they sing, we sing (shout) it back to them. during the songs like numb, faint, somewhere i belong, in the end, etc, i yelled my head off and i whistled and i jumped like hell! my voice was so hoarse at the end of the day, but it's so worth it. i cant believe i saw LP live!!!

am really jealous of celcom inner circle, as at the end of the concert, LP threw drumsticks (for drums, not KFC) to the crowd and even threw guitar pics to them! right off their hands! i feel a bit pity for too phat though, cuz they were booed cuz they performed too long and they didnt sing a lot of their famous songs. they're a local band, pretty good, but everyone was there to see LP. at some point, in the middle of the concert, chester said, "oh, i know u like too phat better than us..." or something like that, and EVERYONE yelled, "NO!!!". i wonder how is too phat feeling. after all, they are our local band, and we should support them.

LP are truly musicians that will make a mark in this century (in a good way, of course!), and i have a feeling that they'll be around for a long long time .(HURRAH!)

on the way out, we saw asha gill... didnt get her autograph though. so my friends and i started the walk to my parents' car... we were so full of adrenaline and the best thing to do after a concert is to go clubbing. however, we cant (yet) and the clubs would be pretty dead on a wednesday night. anyway, we felt like salmons swimming upstream the river, cuz loads of ppl were coming from opposite direction. i met some of my friends, like sharmini, wai mun and corinne. havent met corinne for like, two years, and it's pretty cool to meet her again!

i slept at 2am that night(morning) and woke at 6.30am to go to school. limbs feel very erm, tired. discuss excitedly with a fellow friend who went to concert too, and sang LP songs throughout the day... fell asleep during chemistry class, luckily shebby (chem teacher) didnt splash me with natrium hidrokside or something.

it was my birthday on monday, but my fingers are too tired to tell u all abt my recent life. will continue some other day.

till then,

[here's me and me frens in the beginning of the year, when i was in the volley team and look like a lobster (at least i was thin!)]

from left: sze jun, moi,anushia

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gianne said...


1. a reader left...
Thursday, 16 October 2003 11:26 pm
this is like the best thing that ever happen in my life, i think even beat the time when i got my spm result! it was such a blast last night, nothing could describe it.LP are such great performers!!!!!! long live LP!

jackson yeoh

2. a reader left...
Friday, 17 October 2003 12:55 am
Linkin Park totally ROCKS!!! It was awesome and we all MUST go AGAINNNN!!!

Btw, i didn't know it was ur b-day, gianne on monday....many MANY happy birthday wishes to u!

Corinne []

3. Rachel left...
Tuesday, 3 October 2006 9:11 am
Linkin Park Rocks! They are my all time favorite band