Thursday, November 20, 2003


SPM is OVER, people!!!! Hurrah! toss the books and notes out! give my hand-me-downs stuff a second/third/millionth time! floor of room can finally be seen! no more last minute studying at 4am!! all the informations in my head disappeared like a puff of smoke... smoke that tries to struggle to live from beginning to end! Here's a summary abt the last three weeks:

add maths = first paper, not that bad. second paper, have already chosen a noose. py supplied the coffins.
maths = frantic last minute studying, but did okay.
eng lit = half-vomit, half-insane-opinions. my teacher is going to chop me into pieces.
bm = took a huge risk in my essay... have no bloody idea what 'sahsiah' meant, but i could like, guess it meant 'keperibadian individu'. anyway, went on writing it, and was so relieved when my fren confirmed what it meant.
eng = oh dear, i think i did not so well in essay.... strong story, but weak style of writing. wrote abt a murder. aiks.
history = ah, my fave subject for this year. seriously. but for the 2nd paper, the moment am done reading all the questions, drew a gravestone with my name on it. could not answer ANY of the f5 questions, and took wild stabs. it's like playing naval command, lol.
moral = not much to say abt this. screwed all my moral exams upall the time, and i expect this to be the same. furthermore, i couldnt argue and debate with whoever who marks my paper.
LK = surprising, i managed. feel a bit suspicious cuz i finished with extra time. screw up elektronik though.
physics = good news: easy. bad news: didnt study easy parts. messed up in paper 2, section b and c.
chem = whatever i studied didnt drum into my head. it's the final exam, which was today. however, i read up on process haber, sentuh and ostwald, so could answer questions. this too are surprisingly easy.
[methinks for physics and chem, graf will be very very high]

that's it. thirty minutes before the final paper, was looking around grinning. after all the papers were colelcted, everyone lets out a whoop of joy. hug, hug, kiss, kiss, goodbye. oh, the second we finished that paper, fireworks sounded. it's like an omen, so glad in a way. no more government education forced upon my poor lately overworked frens and i beat up each other for the last time (lol). everybody went home, except me, as my mom says she'll pick me up. there i was, alone in the school, and i walked around the school. it will be the last time i'll be able to do that and not feel awkward abt it.

wanted to cut my hair today, but couldnt make it, however DID stuffed mself with french fries and cheesy wedges. MMMMMmmmmmmm... came home, tossing stuff now, room's floor could actually be seen,and, and... i feel kinda empty. i mean, no more rushing out to buy school text books while my mom screams at me, "why didnt u do this earlier??? procrastinate, procrastinate!!!". no more going to my grandma's shop to get pinafores with her exclaiming something like, "aiyooo... go fatter again!". no more lugging around my huge schoolbag and sometimes with a bag in my hand (looking like a makcik). have absolutely no clue what to do next. now my plan is redecorate my room, lose some weight (fat chance, haha. sorry for the pun.) and learn some new stuff.

and BUY SIMS 2!!!! well, it wont be out until next year, but still, you guys just HAVE to see it! it's utterly amazing... a new revolution. now sims have facial expressions, real fingers rather than the paddle-hands they used to have. and if a couple have a baby (this time u can either get pregnant or adopt)by pregnancy, the kid will inherit both his parent's looks! and each sims can be unique. here's a good site to go to or the official site. have fun!

Till then.

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gianne said...


1. micvolecho left...
Friday, 21 November 2003 12:01 pm
after the spm, all the spm candidates shout out loud. there was heavy raining, all the student playing football or just run round school compound like crazy ppl, ignoring the down pour raining. :) my friend even pat on my shoulder greatly, ican still feel the pain until now. :p

2. a reader left...
Monday, 24 November 2003 7:40 pm
hey hey....good on ya that it's can really relax... =P

btw, can i haf ur email add? seems like i keep losing everyone's addy..btw...are u on friendster? add me if u are, k? *teddy hugs*

corinne []

3. a reader left...
Tuesday, 25 November 2003 9:37 pm
spm over! hah.
i'm surprised u nor py spam me with msg since u guys did during exams. i was like wiating for u guys to burst with messages like "i'm free!" "the greatest moment of my life" etc etc. u get the idea.

so.. i was slacker throughout my whole post spm time, thought i wanna do so much but only manage so little and when time to enter college, i start doing things i initially wanted to do. ironic. anyway maybe it'll be a thrill to be in the national service thingie. at least something different. its for 12 weeks only whut...... toodles