Monday, December 22, 2003

attempts, attempts

malas to talk. wanna sleep. here. monosylable speech. excellent. here is attempt2.

yours truly,
the insane and sleep deprived,

Saturday, December 20, 2003

responsibilities and attempts

If this is what it is like after SPM, I'd rather go back to school. Am given responsibilities and I can't fit into its clothes just yet. Been working abt right after SPM, so sometimes I feel a bit disgruntled. Look, look! See, see!!! Me, writin in CAPS! Excellent... this is how work trains you. Type abt 10 emails a day, answer ppl's calls, get really messed up once in a while... but it's not all that bad. Like everyone says, experience marrrrr!!! Luckily, friendly co-workers overrode my fear abt a workplace full of bitchy women. It's not like that at all. For a lot of the problems that i encountered, they helped me out of it, teaching me along the way.They are so hilarious, joking a LOT and they even watch Ranma 1/2! Now, I don't even watch that series, but the way they discussed abt it... just couldn't stop laughing. My inexperience in answering/making phonecalls is like this huge joke among them... 'cause before making calls, I would write down what to say(points la) , so I don't screw up and they were shaking with mirth, telling me when I end the call, I should go, "Yours faithfully, Gianne". Am rather solemn abt office work, but don't worry, am starting to loosen up.

anyway, enough abt work and enough with all these caps crap! lol. ahhh, how lovely to type without bloody bothering abt caps! throughout the month, was and am still v busy busy.but it's okay i suppose... quite blur now, cant think of anything intelligent to say, LOL. oh,oh! today when i got home, my hand suddenly gatal...wanting to do something on i did. i think it was spurred on by this website: . their digital art is just so amazing... they can draw so well by just using photoshop and a mouse, the images they produce would confuse one into wondering whether if it's real or if it's a photograph. anyway, here's my attempt. it does not look lifelike at all. it's not perfect. the area near her ears looks funny. the flow of hair is rather cacat. but dunno why i feel proud abt it. there ya go:

Thanks and Kind Regards,
Gianne. [this is how i always end my email msg... follow my colleagues, lol... frankly, i'd rather write, "reply asap or i'll go over to ur company and whoop ur ass with a club and throw u an anvil!". sorry, crappy joke.]