Monday, May 17, 2004

La Dee Da

If I ever want to experience a part of the Holocaust, I'd throw myself in a Putra LRT during peak hours. You know, when the Jews were carted off to concentration camps. Only it's much more bearable than the real thing. The difference? Air-conditioned, occasional stops with passengers stumbling out (more air-space for a second before the incoming wave) and the fact there's windows to see where we were going.

Seriously, I cannot imagine the torture they had to go through under the Nazi regime. Hitler had proven that his ability is to kill people. In the end, just before the Nazis were on their knees to the mercy of the rest of the world, Hitler commited suicide, along with his girlfriend in a bomb shelter. What a bastard! He should had killed himself earlier and save the world all the trouble. Recommended book : Anne Frank's Diary. Movies : Schindler's List, The Piano and forgot the third one.

Yesterday, the minute I woke at 10.15am, I realized I was supposed to meet Mun Ling and May Hwa at the LRT station at that very same time. Within 10 minutes was out the door, and was nearly an hour late. Thank god they weren't pissed. anyone else would had me ripped with a bayonet. Off to Sunway Piramid, where we did some shoe shopping (though did not buy anything, found out my feet looks v Donald Duck - minus webbed toes - and v hard to find suitable 'ladylike' shoes for it. Ah well, comfy sneakers then!) and window-shopping.

Then we watched Troy. Well, it's okay, but nothing remarkable, although there's one part I cried. Funny in certain parts but somehow I feel as though some things are copied from LOTR. Orlando Bloom plays a real idiot in it and Eric Bana played a better character. Never notice latter before in movies, but I will from now on *does mental note thing*

For the month that I didn't work, I had become a beached whale in front of the telly. Couple of shows me like : As Told by Ginger, All Grown Up, Kim Possible, American Idol, MTV RoomRaiders, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and America's Next Top Model. American Idol 3 coming to an end! All the while I had been rooting for Fantasia Barrino, Jennifer Hudson and Diana Degarmo. Since JH's gone, the other two are the best choices! Jasmine lacks the charisma of a singer, but I guess she has charisma for the people out there. She's quite brave, I mean, she took in Simon Cowell's crit real well, but broke at the 2nd performance. However, I hope USA don't vote for Jasmine just because they pity her... Vote Barrino or Degarmo! They deserve it!! Too bad Asians cannot vote. Dang it. Cross your fingers, people!

I find Queer Eye for the Straight Guy EXTREMELY entertaining and informative. It's really hilarious and I kid you not. It's like this, 5 gay guys aka the Fab 5 (Specific duties: Grooming, Interior Design, Food&Wine, Fashion, Culture) re-vamps a straight guy's appearance and house including teaching the guy some stuff. It's on 8tv, midnight Saturday. Grooming guy is cute, too bad he's gay though. LOL. Oh, another thing, watch out for the fashion guy, he'll contribute to the air in your tummy. You'll just fart from his jokes, man.

current obsession: Finish jigsaw puzzle(although there's missing pieces and my overgrown rat ate one). oh, did I mention my room is finally clean??? Ahahahah, mission accomplished! Although it's getting messier...
now adores: tomyam soup
height: still in the 'midget' category
weight: fatter. must drag my fat ass to the gym someday

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