Sunday, May 09, 2004

Merry Mommy's Day

ah, happy mother's day, peeps! if you're a mom, that is... did nothing special for this mom's day. actually, went to my aunt's place in rawang yesterday to celebrate... but then again, I spent most of my time chatting with my cousin, PST, halfway through the conversation we got into a wrestling match, with me under (she was trying to a certain secret out of me!!!) Of all things, she could had coaxed or threatened me, she instead opted to pin me down and tickle me. And guess what? I was like a communist, no amount of tickling torture could make me blurt out that very secret! Over my dead body, couz!! mwhahahahaah!!

Anyway, back to topic, hugged my mom yesterday and today, and gave her a paper that says "IOU", in which in reply, gave me a very dirty look, lol. You see, my dear readers (if there are anyone left in the first place,lol) my bro and I gives her a homemade card every year. However, THIS year... didnt really felt like making a card. So I procrastinate and prolly finish up a decent-looking card by the next Mother's day. Some daughter i am! LOL! Actually we wanted to send her to a spa, but she huffed, going ,"A good hundred dollars for lying on my back and forget abt daily troubles, and when I'm done, it'll be back to square one!". Seriously, lotsa things going on in my life right now (well, at least in my view...).

Well, here's a section for my Mom, someone whom I love dearly yet I won't admit it:

Me mam is v young-looking and pretty. If she were a little more slimmer, she'd be a knockout. She wear's T-shirt and jeans, people think she's my sister, just a few years abv me. Sometimes she can be real blur in the matters of computer, but it doesn't really matter anyway. Her greatest virtue is that she is wise. It is more valued than intelligence. Once a fortune teller told her that she will work her whole life for her children, which is v true. She never gave up on my bro or me, ever.

She's spunky and unOrthodox, yet strict and firm. I can speak practically anything to her, and she'd come home from office, guffawing over something, which she would tell us, even if the joke is dirty. In my whole life, I've only seen her cry less than three times. Having a weak front is not her motto, her determination to pull our family together through thick and thin is amazing. She has three people in her life, acting like tsunami's that fights against her but she makes it through. Seriously, if I were her, I'd leave this fmaily of mine. But she doesn't. Everything she says is thoughtful and true, that's why, we all rebel against her too much. She has a great capacity of love, and she doesn't limit it to her family only. Other people who were reaching out for help, she guides them through the troubles. One time she had her name deciphered, so did all of us, the fortune teller told her that she's a super-woman, someone with the strength like an Amazon woman. We all had passed and experienced hardship, and she's the only one who emerges unscatched and more beautiful in the process. Thank you for not throwing me out even when I gave you a lot of shit. Thank you for not disdaining me as I do realize that I'm not exactly the perfect daughter. Thank you for helping me out of many situations.In my next life, I hope my karma bounds me to you, so you'd be my mom again (I hear you slapping ur head and praying to the Gohonzon, mom... lol). I love you, mom.

That's all folks. Putting that in my IOU card for her.

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