Thursday, May 06, 2004

poking bruning charcoals and running like a maniac inside

havent been insane for a long time. havent felt carefree since... well i dont know. sometimes it's true when they say ignorance is bliss, keeps the foreheard free from looking like dried prunes. but then again, who wants to be an ignoramus?

In the putra lrt today, saw a lady so wrinkled, it would be an achievement to draw her. Dont know if she is aware that she's a masterpiece in her own way. We all are actually. But no one really realize it. At least in my case. While people in the train sleep, I submerged myself into thoughts and constantly looking at my surroundings and people. Could sit with absolute silence, thinking or dreaming at my own desire. Sitting in a moving vehichle is a nice time to float away. Everything passes out of our sight after a brief glance, making you take in the teeniest beautiful detail and forgetting it the moment another comes along. It's kind of like life, isn't it? Like this French show, Amelie, says "Life is like the Tour de France. You'd better catch it before it's gone" or something like that. Makes you love life, doesn't it?

Our heads are too filled with scientific knowledge and common sense. Am not saying that it is bad, but last time, me used to run into the middle of the rain, spinning myself around till i fall on the gravel, and in perfect timing, my mom would appear and yell. Now when the sky cries, I usually do not comfort it, as in my head, it's going "Acid rain, erodes stuff... it'll melt you if u play!" or "shit, this water is from sewers, drains and god only knows!". Or eating paper just because it tasted nice? Without knowing about the chemicals and all in that once-a-tree paper. Do you think it has destroyed us all? Pros and cons, definitely. As this is written, a connection comes into my head. Of friendship. Of the innocence we have all lost. Figure it out yourself. I have not the skill to explain what goes on in my head.

I wonder what makes people have a sparkle in their eyes. What if they lose it? Well, I believe it can be gained back. I have to believe it.


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