Thursday, June 24, 2004

Night Market

Extremely tiring day. If anyone have ever been to the Taman Connaught night market, and walked 3 times from one end to the other end, you'll understand =). This night market has been a source of amusement for both my cousin and me. One of them is the "dress code". No flesh-revealing or body-hugging clothes ( e.g.: tank tops, mini skirt, etc). You can forget the DC if you're with a guy (assuming you're a female). Or else risk the possibility of having some juvenile male in a hawaiian shirt stalking you.

Not that it happened to me, of course.

The 'victim' was my friend, a v pretty one at that. On that day she had on a spaghetti top and mini skirt. It's a long story, but let's just say the guy stalked her for over half an hour (stopping when she does, all the works) that resulted in my group of friends forming a circle of 'protection' around her. Even with her 'bodyguards', he somehow slipped behind her (very very close) and whispered repeatedly in Mandarin, "Be my friend!". He was pretty thick and v creepy until my friend got pissed and slapped him with a "Get lost, jerk". We grabbed her and ran. After we have cooled down and settled down with our lolos, out pops all the 'intelligent' solutions:

"If he comes again, I'll tell him you're my thiu lui (my girl)!"- this coming from a girl

"You know there was a pot of asam laksa nearby, we could had dunk his head..."

"Eh, so many of us, one trip him and the rest step on him la!"

"Could had told him you're actually a man..."

We laughed so hard, that the passing people looked at us funny. Though the whole thing was quite scary and stuff, I can't help admiring that guy for such guts. In the middle of a busy, people-stuffed market! And the end of story? We kept that friend of ours in constant reminder of that incident by mentioning the words "your hawaiian boy".

Back to the present, have gotten food (loads of it), earring, vcd and incense. They have pretty weird names for some incense, like 'Poison' and 'Cannabis'. Have gotten the Cannabis incense and joked to my couz that I'll just light that up and get high.

Another thing famous about the night market, are the beggars. They sit right smack in the middle and look very pitiful. There are some that am disgusted at; Abled-bodied people lying on their stomach. Truthfully I dislike giving money to them as in my opinion, giving food is a better choice. Thinking of carrying a bag of bread the next time I go there. But sometimes I wonder, what does this do to their self-respect? Their pride? You can justify that they are desperate, but still. There must be some way to get them a proper job. Some brought their children along; I don't know if it's to teach the child to be a future beggar or to gain sympathy. But it's NOT the way to bring up a child. You'll get money by looking woeful and pitiful? Shit, that's not how. Call me unfair, but am more saddened for these children rather than the adults. If beggars can jiggle their tupperware filled coins, they can do crafts. Or factory work, using their hands only(nearly all have deformed legs). I don't know how I can help, neither do I have the resources nor the idea how to start.

The moon is crescent tonight, and it's v bright. A lone shining star hangs forlornly above the moon. Stared up at it.

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gianne said...

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1. Silhouette left...
Friday, 25 June 2004 3:20 am
I could imagine you walking up and down the street munching on something...that's NOT what i call exercise :P

2. Andy Lim left...
Saturday, 26 June 2004 12:50 am
I'd always advise my mom to bring along a long and thick umbrella and immmediately whack any suspicious people that are near her when she's outside. XD

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3. a reader left...
Sunday, 27 June 2004 9:12 pm
EWWWW!!! I hate perverts like that!


4. a reader left...
Monday, 28 June 2004 2:25 pm
hee gn, next time just kick him there. and btw, i don't donate to em beggers. i don't really sympathise, like you say, that is nto the way to eek out a living. they hv mental faculties, they hv abilities, they can work with their hands and god given mind. but sometimes...what can they do? who wil hire them? they're not like dogs the pound will round up and put down, yet, aer their lives any better?