Saturday, July 31, 2004

Where have all the free time gone???

As I was abt to write this, it's Friday and it's 10.20pm and a sudden memory came to me with a startling WHOOSH; "GAH!!! *bleep* I forgot abt MI!!!!" *runs to TV*
Just in the nick of time for Jaclyn's performance (was only interested in hers) and surprise, surprise, Karen is back in (Chinese girl who speaks with a rather erm fake accent) but I think she's okay. Not my taste though.

Phew! It has been a week. Am a bit lost in time. Now for the nice little story; do sit comfyly on pillows and bring popcorn or longans. It was a dark and stormy night... Just kidding =P. It all started on Monday, when was rudely awakened at 10.45am, feeling rather disgruntled (slept at abt 5am the night before), to be told that I have to go to LimKokWing NOW, and to dress smart for my interview.
I think I've never jumped that high from my bed until that moment.
Had to find transport, and someone was kind enough to drive me ALL the way from Ampang to Cyberjaya. I didn't have anything ready! Two hours later, was in LUCT, tottering in my heels; heels that absolutely made walking a living hell. High heels can KILL. TRUST me! Anyway, my interview went rather well IMHO. It must have or else I wouldn't had gotten the full scholarship =)
Yep, when am nervous I realized I can talk a lot. Crap, morelike. What's the word? Ah! Verbal diarhhoe! And a surge of confidence that I rarely exude. Like when my interviewer, this really nice guy, asks, "Why should we give you this scholarship?" and somewhere in my long reply (I digressed for a moment), I said something like, "Trust me, you won't regret giving me this scholarship." Am rather surprised myself. Then he went on to ask questions like, why did you choose this line of work (ans: make ppl happy, can't imagine self in any other line of work in the future) and a few more that I can't recall.

Anyway, made some new friends, though some it's just "Hello, Bye bye" ; Veenu, Sailoo, Kezia, Chinn Yin, Audrey, Joanne, Jenny, Taryn, Mar, Hun etc. Some I know by face and talked to them a LOT, but their name fails to stay in my brain cells. On Wednesday, it's the real Orientation. We were all in the hall, and student ambassadors (SA)stuck paper on our backs wiht our group name (Bumble bees, Fairy, Phoenix, Parrot etc). And we're only allowed to get our friends to gesture or give hints on what it is and we have to guess it ourselves. And of all the names I could be stuck with, I had the words 'CHICKEN' on my back. Lovely. Chinese for prostitute and English for cowards. LOL, but it was okay. The SA for my group was Amanda, and she's real petite but extremely outgoing. Did a bit of introducing, but the whole thing was rather awkward. Am afraid I might seem too eager and enthusiatic, but then again better than nothing at all. Then we had a hairstyling competition. It was fun, though my suggestions wasnt taken in. Boohoo *licks lolly*. Lol. One girl and boy and they had to model it in front of the stage. Later, we were given abt 3 hours to come up with a dance routine. Ours: Boogie-ing to Punjabi MC. Am horrible at dancing, but gave it a shot. There was a few sexy moves in it, but you oughta see some other groups, the competition should be renamed 'Pole Dancing Competition". But I loved that feeling of being onstage, it's a confidence booster.
We didn't win though, was a shame!
That's all worth mentioning I suppose. Oh oh, before I end this, would like to thank the peeps in LUCT who helped my application get throught at last minute. I just realized how tiring it is to go to and fro to CyberJaya. Have to catch their bus at Masjid Jamek at around 7 and it's abt an hour trip. To and fro, nearly 2 1/2 hours wasted (on sleeping, hahah). Maybe it's tiring because have been a beached whale in front of the telly and pc for too long.

I can't believe it's already Friday. One moment I am watching telly, playing the net and the next, BAM! Where have all the free time gone? I havent even started thinking abt the real feeling of using my brain again. Or getting more clothes for coll (Some people dressed real fashionable there, but I think too much is unnecessary). Oh while I was waiting for the bus in LUCT, I checked out their library to get some drawing tips. Some of the figure drawing books, well, I can't even look at them without blushing! If it's a drawing okay, but stark naked real people? Frontal, back and everywhere imaginable. Kezia tells me that I'm going to be an artist and I should be okay with it, but she can't look at it without blushing either. LOL. NOW I know how Lat feels. He was packed off to the US and in Life Drawing class, there was a naked lady posing; he said he couldn't concentrate, his palms were sweating like mad.
I guess in theory, I'm v openminded. But if the real thing comes, I'm v shy.

And I bet you just read the first paragraph and skip till here! LOL. That's all folks!





Sunday, July 25, 2004

Into The Night

Whenever I have a change of clothes, I'd start picking up flaws here and there. I wish I was taller. Thinner. Stretch-markless. An owner of slender hands. Without flat feet. Double-chin-less. Then I realize I ought to be thinking these stuff when I'm 30, not 18. All attempts to slim down produced unclear results. Am not fat, but am in the middle. Not too fat, not too thin. But I guess all those magazines influenced me somehow. Gorgeous friends. Relatives who pinch my arm to get an update on my fats (LOL). People who would tell me, you're not ugly, but you have to slim down.

But I realize whenever I'm all dolled up, my IQ goes down to the appearance of an egg. It's like too conscious or smthg. However, that may just be me. Me like looking just nice, jeans and maybe a spag-top. And lipgloss/balm. It's nice to doll up once awhile though.... hey, am a female!

The weird thing is that, all the worrying happens when I'm awake. In my bed, as sleep is abt to engulf me in its comforting darkness, these thoughts of limbless people come. What if I have become an artist, yet one day I'll lose my hand? Some in the world don't even have the luxury of these useful limbs. Then I knew, my hands are perfect. My big toes too. Beautiful and works good. Perfect.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Wish Me Luck

Snatch thieves - the current pet peeve of Malaysians... There's news today in The Star abt this girl, who is quite chubby, who managed to bring down a ST and sat on him till the police arrive. She even kneed him and whack his face. Yea, it's half YOU-GO-GIRL! and half guffawing. Here, in M'sia, we have seasons of crime. Last time it was rapists, then murderers, now snatch thieves. However, this year the newspaper went absolutely ballistic, covering a crime so deep, it makes me cringe. Starting to remind me of Women's Day or New Idea or similiar.

Diana Spencer's upcoming anniversary of her death reminds me of the time I felt disgusted at both Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles... the former for leaving such a pretty wife for a less-lookable person. Soon after, as I matured (was 11 at her time of death), I actually started to respect PC for loving Camilla not because of her looks.

Apologise for the uncertainty of the fixed theme in this entry, my mind's racing so fast now, am just typing what flits through it. Guess what happened? Remember my long entry when I went for LUCT's Open Day? Well, two days ago, found out that my application wasnt even submitted! And orientation is on Monday! The guy who was supposed to follow up on this is in Indonesia until next week. My mom's rather miffed at the fact that everytime she or I call to ask for updates, he's like "Don't worry!" etc etc. So after a mth of anxious waiting, it boils down to nothing. Anyway, went to LUCT yesterday to re-submit everything - photo, copy of IC, a diskette of my amatuer digital art, etc. The people who helped us were really nice, and this time I know that my application WILL be submitted.
But I don't have the results of my scholarship, obviously. And I just found out abt 10 minutes ago, that I have to go through an interview (with the rest of applicants, durrr). I know some people who just submitted their form, and BAM! they get it. When it reached my turn, I had to write essays and go for interviews. It's like, "WHY, oh, WHYY ME!". I might get nervous and become confused. Oh dear, oh my. But like someone said, the only way out is through. Must be outspoken and confident. Ohmmmm....

Other than that, just had a haircut, because someone commented I looked like an auntie when I have long hair. Everytime I decide to let my hair grow, different ppl will tell me I look aunty-ish. Especially if am carrying a plastic bag or something. Ai, caramba! *snip snip*. Besides, am seeing a lot of college-going girls with long hair, all pretty and stuff, and I think short hair looks spunkier. Not to mention easier to maintain.

Recently joined BookCrossing! Interesting concept. I have some of my books up as well. One more thing, there's a Malaysian BookCrossing group, for the KL/Selangor peeps, there's a meet this Sunday at A&W opposite Amcorp Mall from 12noon-4pm if you're interested. Might go.

Am typing this real fast 'cause Malaysian Idol is starting. I won't even start on how disappointed I am with the stage, the set-ups, the awkward moments and the dull predictable comments of the judges. But I'm watching it anyway. My early faves are Syima, Jaclyn (Indian girl with amazing voice), Vick and Dina. The first three I liked them from auditions and the last, from the first workshop.

That's all, folks!

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Wasting-Oxygen Phase

Seem to have a nice little habit of reporting things a week (plus plus) later after the actual event. Lazy Libran to the excuse! *plays theme song*

Ever had spontaneous decisions? Well, it's something like when I opened my eyes from a REM today, I wanted to eat macaroni for lunch tomorrow. Approximately three weeks ago, I woke up and decided to get my navel pierced. So I did. Shoot me, am an exhibitionist.

I like it. However, am ready for the definite infections. Ack. Couldn't sit/lie down/bend properly for two days. Muns accompanied me to the parlor in Sg Wang. The people there were funny, they kept singing Doraemon's theme song and made lotsa jokes. The girl who pierced me looked v cartoony ala Powerpuff girl, though with piercings and tattoos. Blonde hair in ponytails, electric blue eyeshadow, tube top and pink trackpants. While she was poking a needle in my flesh, the two other guys tried to convince Muns to get a tatt, lol.

Saw Harry Potter 3 before that. Well, the acting is definitely wayyy better... And I felt this version is nicer than Chris Columbus's style, though everything is v abrupt. Like my friends said, those who had read the books will know what is going on. but somehow HP movie series always fails to stay put in my mind. It does not have that 'pulling' effect to make me want to watch it again and again. Unlike LOTR. Which I watched nearly three times and NOT for the reason of the guys. Well, maybe Aragorn IS rather handsome... But mostly it's the movie, the storyline I love.

I haven't even watched Shrek 2. Sad, isn't it? Watched Around the World In 80 Days though, and though it has some dumb jokes, but mostly of the movie, was laughing my guts out. A lot of diff actors in there! Jackie Chan (D'oh), Karen Mok, Macy Gray, Sammo Hung, the Owen Brothers (acting as the Wright Brothers) and loads more. It's like throughout the show, it's "Eh! Macy Gray!" and "Oooh! Daniel Wu!! *swoon*" . Lol. Not a really serious movie, but some good fight scenes and hilarious accidents.

And yes, they cut a kissing scene. Geez, we're not that sheltered, hello! Censorship board treat us all like we're five years old or something. Ah, and as usual, the subtitles are jokes themselves. I can't remember any for this movie, but one translation will always stay in my mind... "Frodo dari kampung."

Can practically feel my fats having a grand welcome party to new fat cells now 'cause am not working no more. Mental and physical exercise currently does not exist in my life now. Envying my college-going friends' hectic life while they envy my wasting-oxygen phase. Lol.

Other than that, I won some stuff from Cleo. Maybelline hamper. I didnt do much to get it, but feel excited all the same. Not that I use make-up either... so the whole thing will go to my Ma. Why can't they have contests where winners get nice little vouchers for Kinokuniya or smthg? Yeah, well, am a geek. So stab me with a blunt satay stick.