Sunday, July 25, 2004

Into The Night

Whenever I have a change of clothes, I'd start picking up flaws here and there. I wish I was taller. Thinner. Stretch-markless. An owner of slender hands. Without flat feet. Double-chin-less. Then I realize I ought to be thinking these stuff when I'm 30, not 18. All attempts to slim down produced unclear results. Am not fat, but am in the middle. Not too fat, not too thin. But I guess all those magazines influenced me somehow. Gorgeous friends. Relatives who pinch my arm to get an update on my fats (LOL). People who would tell me, you're not ugly, but you have to slim down.

But I realize whenever I'm all dolled up, my IQ goes down to the appearance of an egg. It's like too conscious or smthg. However, that may just be me. Me like looking just nice, jeans and maybe a spag-top. And lipgloss/balm. It's nice to doll up once awhile though.... hey, am a female!

The weird thing is that, all the worrying happens when I'm awake. In my bed, as sleep is abt to engulf me in its comforting darkness, these thoughts of limbless people come. What if I have become an artist, yet one day I'll lose my hand? Some in the world don't even have the luxury of these useful limbs. Then I knew, my hands are perfect. My big toes too. Beautiful and works good. Perfect.

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gianne said...

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1. Silhouette left...
Sunday, 25 July 2004 3:14 am
Its so typical of people to pick on their flaws. Why can't we actually appreciate who we are? Oh well, likewise, I too stand in front of the mirror and think about my thunder thighs, stretch marks, bad skin...