Friday, July 23, 2004

Wish Me Luck

Snatch thieves - the current pet peeve of Malaysians... There's news today in The Star abt this girl, who is quite chubby, who managed to bring down a ST and sat on him till the police arrive. She even kneed him and whack his face. Yea, it's half YOU-GO-GIRL! and half guffawing. Here, in M'sia, we have seasons of crime. Last time it was rapists, then murderers, now snatch thieves. However, this year the newspaper went absolutely ballistic, covering a crime so deep, it makes me cringe. Starting to remind me of Women's Day or New Idea or similiar.

Diana Spencer's upcoming anniversary of her death reminds me of the time I felt disgusted at both Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles... the former for leaving such a pretty wife for a less-lookable person. Soon after, as I matured (was 11 at her time of death), I actually started to respect PC for loving Camilla not because of her looks.

Apologise for the uncertainty of the fixed theme in this entry, my mind's racing so fast now, am just typing what flits through it. Guess what happened? Remember my long entry when I went for LUCT's Open Day? Well, two days ago, found out that my application wasnt even submitted! And orientation is on Monday! The guy who was supposed to follow up on this is in Indonesia until next week. My mom's rather miffed at the fact that everytime she or I call to ask for updates, he's like "Don't worry!" etc etc. So after a mth of anxious waiting, it boils down to nothing. Anyway, went to LUCT yesterday to re-submit everything - photo, copy of IC, a diskette of my amatuer digital art, etc. The people who helped us were really nice, and this time I know that my application WILL be submitted.
But I don't have the results of my scholarship, obviously. And I just found out abt 10 minutes ago, that I have to go through an interview (with the rest of applicants, durrr). I know some people who just submitted their form, and BAM! they get it. When it reached my turn, I had to write essays and go for interviews. It's like, "WHY, oh, WHYY ME!". I might get nervous and become confused. Oh dear, oh my. But like someone said, the only way out is through. Must be outspoken and confident. Ohmmmm....

Other than that, just had a haircut, because someone commented I looked like an auntie when I have long hair. Everytime I decide to let my hair grow, different ppl will tell me I look aunty-ish. Especially if am carrying a plastic bag or something. Ai, caramba! *snip snip*. Besides, am seeing a lot of college-going girls with long hair, all pretty and stuff, and I think short hair looks spunkier. Not to mention easier to maintain.

Recently joined BookCrossing! Interesting concept. I have some of my books up as well. One more thing, there's a Malaysian BookCrossing group, for the KL/Selangor peeps, there's a meet this Sunday at A&W opposite Amcorp Mall from 12noon-4pm if you're interested. Might go.

Am typing this real fast 'cause Malaysian Idol is starting. I won't even start on how disappointed I am with the stage, the set-ups, the awkward moments and the dull predictable comments of the judges. But I'm watching it anyway. My early faves are Syima, Jaclyn (Indian girl with amazing voice), Vick and Dina. The first three I liked them from auditions and the last, from the first workshop.

That's all, folks!

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