Sunday, August 29, 2004

"Yada yada, Ye Crap Too Much!!" here's a short one =P.

Currently am in BookCrossing, went to the July Meetup [ 25.07.04 ] at A&W, opposite Amcorp mall and wowwee, it's book galore, people! Released 3 books and took back 4. So far have read 3 1/2 of them. They are *drumroll*

Tuesdays With Morrie = V touching and feel good book, abt life, truly a must to read.
Katherine = quite nice, half fiction, half fact, a lot of injustice in it, after Communist China.
Welcome To The World, Baby Girl! = longish book, groaned at the font size, but it's worth it. love this book!
Four Sisters of Hofei = half read, can be rather draggy, but it's okay i suppose.

Dragged Charlene along, lol, but she's a bookworm too so didn't think she minded much.  Oh, she's in too... There's meetup next week if nothing goes wrong! Before I forget, in Amcorp, there are two shops selling books cheap, one is Pay Less Books and the other, can't recall. Bookworm haven! *faint out of joy* haha. Anyway, related, doing a trade with
WittySquirrel, havent sent my part (Wild Swans & She's Come Undone) due to busy-ness or whenever am free, the post office would be close (harrumph), but have received his books! Here they are:


Thanks Andy!

Hmm, haven't met many booklovers in college, well, they read a lot of comics whereas have read mostly Doraemon and Shin Chan. The rest i know nada abt. Boohoo. Gonna crash someone's comic bookshelf someday (yes, this is a warning for all comic book collectors. Beware! Thou hath been warned. Bwahahahhaa!)

Other news, yesterday, a family came to see my house (yep, sellin' it, interested anyone? leave a msg here =P). They came up the stairs and as usual, am on pc, so I swivelled my chair 'round to greet them and found myself staring into a vaguely familiar face... Turns out she was in the same secondary school AND club with me, though she's my senior. Sch a coincidence (said this so many times yesterday, lol). But it's nice to meet someone who had a connection with the 'past'. Am the type who goes gaga over reunions, though preferably 10 years later where everyone will exclaim "Wah, you're so thin/tall/unblur already!" or "You're famous! Can I get your autograph??". Yep, dream on...

Yap, OUT! (Chuh, no wonder the Chinese can't do the "Seacrest, out!" thing - American Idol fans will know what am talking abt =P)

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Battle of the Bands

General wellbeing... Oh God, the assignments. Am nicely procrastinating. Bad bad choice. Shouldn't be on the pc at all. But it's simply too tantalizing!

Battle of the Bands {21.08.04}
Ho hum. After along time, met up with Muns for BOB (which was held at Taylor's college carpark) and hung out with her and her friend Jak Tim. Oh, and I met a lot of my old schoolmates there, like Christina, Jacinth, etc etc. Such a pleasure seeing them again! Ah, think am getting addicted to blogging... during the break, typed the bands' names to remind self later on, lol. Anyway, in this order, here are the ones who competed: Limestone, Pyling Section, MadFish, Versatile, Ternterhooks, FunkyDogs, Trash Bugs, Beat The System, Virtuoso and Larva Eve II. To keep a longwinded story short, the standard has dropped since 2002's BOB. Actually me stayed until the 7th band (TrashBugs) then left. All I can say abt the band's main singer is that, if her voice is any higher, the dogs will hear her. If that's not a good enough explaination, how abt "single nail scratching a blackboard in some long continuous line?"? Anyway, the standard has dropped, why? Only Ternterhooks sung their own composition, which is good, better than unoriginal cover songs. Theirs is the only band that deserves the calling of musicians, the others? Instrument players and singer. Have to admit the bands played real well, but more often than not, the lead singer ruins it. BAH! Unoriginality sucks big time.

But it quite fun, although at some point, Muns and me, being such dwarfs, couldn't see the bands onstage. Hard to breathe (first part of the show we're in the mini 'mosh pit') and bloody hot. But the crowd was hilarious! Beach balls that were thrown by the organizers were 'kidnapped' and the air is let out. The organizers, who are on the roof, free from the sweat and lack of oxygen, could only look on helplessly at the disappearing balls. Near me, there's this clown (expression, not literally) who kept making jokes abt the bands, albeit some are rather jerk-ish. Had a great time with Muns and JT, the latter can give 'expert' opinion as he's in a band himself, not competing though.

Later on, after the show, had a glass of Coke+Chivas. The result? Ever seen a human lobster? You've got your answer =)

Malaysian Idol
GAH! Rydee is out!!! I voted for her... so bangang la... Oh, missed MI (again) on Friday, totally forgot abt it. The worse thing was that I was surfing the net and I came across some blogs talking abt MI with me feeling something was 'amiss'. Grrr. Caught the repeat a bit, so again voted for Jaclyn and Rydee. Then at night, absolutely made sure that I watch the repeat show (while scrambling to finish my assignments). The only highlight of that show (at least, IMHO) was when one of the hosts asked Roslan's (one of the judges) opinion on who will be voted out. One particular comment from him abt the three Chinese contestants (Vick, Victor, Andrew), smthg abt them will be getting in due to the Chinese voters. At first I felt it was a real insult, was getting offended because he was judging the votes by the races, singling out the Chinese. Then suddenly, it hit me that it's true.

It's always hard to have contests like these without any prejudice. Somehow someway, despite the whole "no-prejudice" attitude, deep down it still exist. Perhaps the amount varies. Go on, defend thyself, it's undeniable.

Conversation "SMS session 01"
[Location: College, Lunch Hour]
MOM: U forgot 2 take your money you silly goat heee..hee!!
ME: where got? if i m a silly goat, what are you?

Lastly, seen a lot of blogs doing this, so am jumping in the wagon!
Where I blog from:

half of my life spent HERE!

Yep, my lovely pc, and that chair! Spent so much time on the pc, it's a wonder the cushion doesn't have my butt imprinted on it

To keep the ball rolling, here's a place where you would usually find me praying in front of a stack of unfinished assignments.

Messy, ain't it? Well, this is AFTER my room is cleaned. Heh.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Busy Busy Bee... as if

Hmmm... this was in my draft for ages, totally forgot abt it! only the quizzes though! =P. You know some quizzes can be quite accurate [imho], not by questions but by your name only... I kinda think the first one below is rather on the spot. What dya think?

How to make a gianne
5 parts friendliness
1 part ambition
5 parts
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add wisdom to taste! Do not overindulge!



Orange: You are the happy-go-lucky type. Your
radiant energy and happy attitude shine like no
other. People love you because of your quirky
and fun antics. You love to have fun, and
you're a very opptimistic person. And I can
imagine that you are also very playful. You
have a child-like attitude, and always make
people laugh. You shine as bright as the sun!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!What colour is your spirit?(with great pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

The Sun Card

You are the Sun card. The light of the Sun reveals
all. The Sun is joyful and bright, without fear
or reservation. The childish nature of the Sun
allows you to play and feel free. Exploration
can truly take place in the light of day when
nothing is hidden. The Sun's rays fill you with
energy so that you may live life to its
fullest, milking pleasure out of each day. Such
joy and energy can bring wealth and physical
pleasure. To shine in the light of day is to
have confidence, to soak up its rays is to feel
the freedom of a child. Image from: Stevee

Which Tarot Card Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

currently am busy busy as a bee...well, am supposed to be anyway, but the PC has a magnetic field that is too tantalizing to ignore! may have an addiction. any anonymous support group here in M'sia? where it's possible to slink in wearing a paper bag over one's head and go, "hi, my name is *beep - ala Kill Bill* and i like long walks down the beach together with my desktop...". you know, internet can be real creepy at times though. few years back, i stumbled on a website by someone [was searching for harry potter fiction], a year later, a friend of mine got to know the owner of that particular website through BRATs, and she visited my blog before,and now am in the same college as her..weird, isn't it?

so far still enjoying coll/uni life, very much actually, but sometimes a feeling of helplessness or sadness rushes over, drowning my heart. it resurfaces, clinging on a vein, on a hope. sometimes it so easy, yet so hard to love life.

then somehow, something will happen and it would be over. SNAP! like that.

off to do my assignments now!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Growing Up

It marvels me these days, the amount of youths trying so very hard to 'grow up', like dressing as though they are thirty or talking to you in this jaded way as if they have gone through all the stages in life when they have not. Or sniffing in clear disapproval when some people are enjoying themselves in ways they deem childish when in fact, their maturity level is still at the age 16 (or less), and they're prolly itching to join in. Joy is really just a simple thing to gain. You don't need PS2 or that fast sports car. (Not saying that material things can't buy happiness, just not all the time =) )

One time I caught an Oprah episode where this girl, a mere 15 year old, having sex just to show she's 'grown up'. That's not the way. I'm not saying that maturity doesn't exist in youths, they do. In fact, there's adults out there who are making wrong and bad decisions/actions all the time, hurting those around them. Like that girl as an example, maturity is when she does not succumb to peer pressure, when she love and respect herself, when she believe in her own values and stick to it. Maturity is when you have the wisdom and not just looking as though you're an adult. Maturity isn't what you have achieved in the material world. I suppose acting that way does make you cool and desirable, but if I were them, I'll be suffering in silence.

The worse thing that could happen to anyone is being jaded, or world-weary as we would say. Why the sullenness just because you want to be someone who is against the world? The only thing you'll be against is yourself. Yes, you might have gone through all the hard knocks in life, in fact, we all have. The only difference is how you cope with it. I've known friends who rage just because they don't get that very expensive item that their parents refuse to get them and friends who plough on, smiling despite having a far-from-perfect life. In my humble opinion, those who lost their enthusiasm, misses out on life; dead. They're rigid and have no spontaniety.

I don't get this race. Why the rush? You will have your whole life to grow up. Don't run so fast, stop and smell the roses, stop and enjoy the moment because when you're so far away, it's harder to step back than to go on forward.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Malaysian Idol - Ouchies

Whoa, I slept for more than 12 hours. Was so poofed, yet I had trouble sleeping! It's like half-asleep, a mere sound wakes you up and to go back to that uncertain sleep stage is hard. So bangang, I tell you...

Anyway, I managed to catch Malaysian Idol... I'm so very disappointed, a lot of them sounded worse than me in a RedBox session (it's karaoke, my dears), and that's saying something! Even Sufiah was way better (the only thing i can't stand abt her is the expression on her face when she sings). Jaclyn is the lifeline of the show, the rest fades in comparison, but then again she's somewhat professional, being experienced and all. Quite witty as well. Rydee, Vick and Dina were good... I still can't believe this, a lot of the performances were really painful to watch, it's like, they are too relaxed and don't put an effort in their singing 'cause I mean they're already in the Top 12. And call me analytical or smthg but I noticed that Rydee ("C'mon everybody!") and Dina ("I'll take that!") were copying Diana Degarmo a bit!! GAH! Vick seems rather over confident? As for Victor... I just remember thinking, "O-u-c-h." Then the guy who the judges dubbed "Elvis" was bad as well. Ergh, could go on and on abt that disastrous episode, but am starting to sound like a disgruntled grandma, lol. I voted for Jac, Rydee and Dina. Sigh, there goes my cellphone credit! Oh, I don't think Vick needs my vote =P.

People out there, if you want any critic for something, I'm the one for it =P.

Job-hunting: Munz tells me there's a job in Bangsar - bartender. On Friday and Saturday nights. A coincidence because I want to try mixing drinks and see people dance like monkeys on hot coals. Am up for it, the pay is quite good as well and the only problem is how I'm gonna get back (8pm-3am). Can exercise my people skills (not as GRO, durrr!). But then again, my mom strongly oppose this; she thinks that it's a bad environment to be in. With all the second-hand smoke and the drunken peeps... Dang it. She says to offer website services, work from HOME. The thing is, am so sick of staying at home all the time and my website skills is limited to HTML and graphics, no Flash. Sometimes she keeps me under her wings too much, but I know she does that for v good reasons =). Am the only daughter and my bro's the only son. Hmmm, now have to do the whole searching thing again. Or maybe I won't... Dunno if i can cope with a job and college assignments. Speaking of which, haven't even started on my assignments =S...

After communication studies ended yesterday, had to wait for the LUCT bus for 2 1/2 hours. So me and my friend, Kezia ended up talking to William, this Indonesian guy in my class. Somewhere in the conversation the topic turned to the currency in his hometown and here. He took out cash worth 20,000 rupiah and he says it's only RM8 when converted. Then he proceeds to ask smthg like, "What would you do if this is actually in ringgits?" and I went, "I'd date you."

Too bad he didn't hear it. Boohoo *licks lolly*. Anyway, we decided he could buy a second-hand kancil and RM4000 to spare.

Ah, I met two of my old shcoolmates in the good ol' LRT! Been sch a long while. First it was Hui Ling; will always remember her telling me seriously, "If you laugh a lot, you'll get wrinkles and fat!" LOL. Always nice to talk to her. Then it's Sarah, who's starting to remind of Lindsay Lohan. This girl and I have a lot of memories together, we were friends, then enemies, then friends again =). We've known each other for more than a decade, back to the days when we were only 1 meter tall, lol.

Argh, gotta get started on my analytical drawing assignments. Drawing shapes in one/two point perspective and a design of our own. Sounds easy, but it takes a long time to finish. Good God, my heart is starting to race just thinking abt it.

That's all folks! *drags self to room*

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Word association! College->stuck->real bored

     People! Currently am goddamn bored and rather miffed. Guess what, am at college, and it's now 6.30pm. And here's another guess what, am stuck here till 7.30! ARGGGHHH!!! Enough of waiting! NOW I wish I have a car. Wait, scratch that, I need a dang license first! Loads of my friends deem it ridiculous to not have the power at the steering wheel (Actually, more like the ability to be v colourful in your words. e.g: "OI! You *bleep* *bleep*, your grandfather's road ah???!!??? *BLEEP*!!").The pc in the lab are Macs but somehow still prefer Windows. Ah well, comfort is home. I mean, windows is so compatible with so many things (not to mention viruses as well...) and it's pretty much user friendly. I can't even edit the HTML in this blog now! BTW the mouse sucks big time... Nearly lost my temper. Aiyo, still got 40 minutes.... *complain moan* Am done.

     Thoughts racing in my head like nobody's business (well technically it IS nobody's business). Ah, something made me smile on v early Monday morn as I was commuting to Masjid Jamek to catch the LUCT bus. Have to wake around 5am (so early, it's sinful), and naturally, you'd be grumpy. Well. it was the Star LRT driver who made that smile. Over the speaker, you'd noticed that he has a cheery voice and he was trying to imitate the Putra announcement. First he said his welcome to Star LRT in both BM and English. Then at every station, he pretended to be the lady anouncer in Putra. Then when the train was stalled for a moment, he said sorry WITH specific reasons why. God, it sounds stupid here, but it did made me smile. Alrite, NEXT!

     Finally got a social life (hurrah!) which basically makes life less boring and I think I ought to stop crapping so much (in real life, not here! This is crap central!). Even at coll, not much events that's worth mentioning. Hmmm... wait, there's one, for life drawing class, we went to Times Square. Quite bangang because I travelled all the way from KL to Cyberjaya THEN I was brought back. $%^%$$%!! Anyway, paint some mural - colour in the lines for some KL August Merdeka Fest. Free labour I suppose? Lol. Ah, did a bit of shopping as well. I got a snow cap! Or a beanie as some might call it.

     When I got home, I wore it around the house for fun. My mom was eyeing me/snow cap for quite some time. Finally, after 15 minutes, she asks in this very careful voice: "Girl, why are you wearing a tea cosy on your head?"

Was caught between humour, incredulousness and rather insulted if I might add!

After the explaination, my mom took to calling me "Tea Pot" for the next two hours. Harrumph!

Will post a pic of me and my 'tea cosy' when I get back home. Eh, it's already 7.15!!! Yay! Well, see ya later, alligator!


Update: Am back home, reached at 9.30! *phew* lol. Anyway, changed the fonts and here's me wearing the snow cap or tea cosy or whatever you want to call it...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

"There's a butterfly on your back!"

Me : Say whatttt???
Zila: Butterfly butterfly!!
Me: Awww, really, isn't that sweet??
Zila: It's a squashed butterfly! You killed it!
Me: ...shit....

[In Analytical Drawing class]

No wonder in the cafeteria, flies swarmed our place. I killed someone from their species.

Stupid butterfly.