Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Battle of the Bands

General wellbeing... Oh God, the assignments. Am nicely procrastinating. Bad bad choice. Shouldn't be on the pc at all. But it's simply too tantalizing!

Battle of the Bands {21.08.04}
Ho hum. After along time, met up with Muns for BOB (which was held at Taylor's college carpark) and hung out with her and her friend Jak Tim. Oh, and I met a lot of my old schoolmates there, like Christina, Jacinth, etc etc. Such a pleasure seeing them again! Ah, think am getting addicted to blogging... during the break, typed the bands' names to remind self later on, lol. Anyway, in this order, here are the ones who competed: Limestone, Pyling Section, MadFish, Versatile, Ternterhooks, FunkyDogs, Trash Bugs, Beat The System, Virtuoso and Larva Eve II. To keep a longwinded story short, the standard has dropped since 2002's BOB. Actually me stayed until the 7th band (TrashBugs) then left. All I can say abt the band's main singer is that, if her voice is any higher, the dogs will hear her. If that's not a good enough explaination, how abt "single nail scratching a blackboard in some long continuous line?"? Anyway, the standard has dropped, why? Only Ternterhooks sung their own composition, which is good, better than unoriginal cover songs. Theirs is the only band that deserves the calling of musicians, the others? Instrument players and singer. Have to admit the bands played real well, but more often than not, the lead singer ruins it. BAH! Unoriginality sucks big time.

But it quite fun, although at some point, Muns and me, being such dwarfs, couldn't see the bands onstage. Hard to breathe (first part of the show we're in the mini 'mosh pit') and bloody hot. But the crowd was hilarious! Beach balls that were thrown by the organizers were 'kidnapped' and the air is let out. The organizers, who are on the roof, free from the sweat and lack of oxygen, could only look on helplessly at the disappearing balls. Near me, there's this clown (expression, not literally) who kept making jokes abt the bands, albeit some are rather jerk-ish. Had a great time with Muns and JT, the latter can give 'expert' opinion as he's in a band himself, not competing though.

Later on, after the show, had a glass of Coke+Chivas. The result? Ever seen a human lobster? You've got your answer =)

Malaysian Idol
GAH! Rydee is out!!! I voted for her... so bangang la... Oh, missed MI (again) on Friday, totally forgot abt it. The worse thing was that I was surfing the net and I came across some blogs talking abt MI with me feeling something was 'amiss'. Grrr. Caught the repeat a bit, so again voted for Jaclyn and Rydee. Then at night, absolutely made sure that I watch the repeat show (while scrambling to finish my assignments). The only highlight of that show (at least, IMHO) was when one of the hosts asked Roslan's (one of the judges) opinion on who will be voted out. One particular comment from him abt the three Chinese contestants (Vick, Victor, Andrew), smthg abt them will be getting in due to the Chinese voters. At first I felt it was a real insult, was getting offended because he was judging the votes by the races, singling out the Chinese. Then suddenly, it hit me that it's true.

It's always hard to have contests like these without any prejudice. Somehow someway, despite the whole "no-prejudice" attitude, deep down it still exist. Perhaps the amount varies. Go on, defend thyself, it's undeniable.

Conversation "SMS session 01"
[Location: College, Lunch Hour]
MOM: U forgot 2 take your money you silly goat heee..hee!!
ME: where got? if i m a silly goat, what are you?

Lastly, seen a lot of blogs doing this, so am jumping in the wagon!
Where I blog from:

half of my life spent HERE!

Yep, my lovely pc, and that chair! Spent so much time on the pc, it's a wonder the cushion doesn't have my butt imprinted on it

To keep the ball rolling, here's a place where you would usually find me praying in front of a stack of unfinished assignments.

Messy, ain't it? Well, this is AFTER my room is cleaned. Heh.

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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. Silhouette left...
Sunday, 29 August 2004 1:22 am
Your tables a mess! You always say you're cleaning up but you never are! GEEEEZZZZ

2. Andy Lim left...
Sunday, 29 August 2004 3:51 am
Well, at least your computer desk seems tidy enough... I see you've fashioned a paper clip to the erm... lamp? Interesting... XD

3. a reader left...
Wednesday, 1 September 2004 1:11 pm
I was er, making eduschumacated jokes about the bands. Were you on the right-front side, near the barricades near the soundman?

Albert Ng [albnok@hotmail.com]

4. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Wednesday, 1 September 2004 10:26 pm
andy, erm, one time i was interested in psychokinesis (PK), and that's my 'practice'... yep, it moved...when i blew at it. =(

ally! haven't heard from you for a long long time... anyway, i was in the middle...i think, lol, was shorrttt! middle, but somehow 'travelled' to the left, have no idea why... bloody hot. the atmosphere, not the bands =P. aiya, why didnt tell me u were going? i could had done some hunting! lol.

5. a reader left...
Tuesday, 7 September 2004 8:17 pm
You see I'm the one posting a lot about rock gigs and stuff, you should've asked me! :P You could've posted an unrelated comment asking if I was going to a particular gig. (If you ask I am likely to go...)

Albert Ng [albnok@hotmail.com]