Saturday, August 14, 2004

Malaysian Idol - Ouchies

Whoa, I slept for more than 12 hours. Was so poofed, yet I had trouble sleeping! It's like half-asleep, a mere sound wakes you up and to go back to that uncertain sleep stage is hard. So bangang, I tell you...

Anyway, I managed to catch Malaysian Idol... I'm so very disappointed, a lot of them sounded worse than me in a RedBox session (it's karaoke, my dears), and that's saying something! Even Sufiah was way better (the only thing i can't stand abt her is the expression on her face when she sings). Jaclyn is the lifeline of the show, the rest fades in comparison, but then again she's somewhat professional, being experienced and all. Quite witty as well. Rydee, Vick and Dina were good... I still can't believe this, a lot of the performances were really painful to watch, it's like, they are too relaxed and don't put an effort in their singing 'cause I mean they're already in the Top 12. And call me analytical or smthg but I noticed that Rydee ("C'mon everybody!") and Dina ("I'll take that!") were copying Diana Degarmo a bit!! GAH! Vick seems rather over confident? As for Victor... I just remember thinking, "O-u-c-h." Then the guy who the judges dubbed "Elvis" was bad as well. Ergh, could go on and on abt that disastrous episode, but am starting to sound like a disgruntled grandma, lol. I voted for Jac, Rydee and Dina. Sigh, there goes my cellphone credit! Oh, I don't think Vick needs my vote =P.

People out there, if you want any critic for something, I'm the one for it =P.

Job-hunting: Munz tells me there's a job in Bangsar - bartender. On Friday and Saturday nights. A coincidence because I want to try mixing drinks and see people dance like monkeys on hot coals. Am up for it, the pay is quite good as well and the only problem is how I'm gonna get back (8pm-3am). Can exercise my people skills (not as GRO, durrr!). But then again, my mom strongly oppose this; she thinks that it's a bad environment to be in. With all the second-hand smoke and the drunken peeps... Dang it. She says to offer website services, work from HOME. The thing is, am so sick of staying at home all the time and my website skills is limited to HTML and graphics, no Flash. Sometimes she keeps me under her wings too much, but I know she does that for v good reasons =). Am the only daughter and my bro's the only son. Hmmm, now have to do the whole searching thing again. Or maybe I won't... Dunno if i can cope with a job and college assignments. Speaking of which, haven't even started on my assignments =S...

After communication studies ended yesterday, had to wait for the LUCT bus for 2 1/2 hours. So me and my friend, Kezia ended up talking to William, this Indonesian guy in my class. Somewhere in the conversation the topic turned to the currency in his hometown and here. He took out cash worth 20,000 rupiah and he says it's only RM8 when converted. Then he proceeds to ask smthg like, "What would you do if this is actually in ringgits?" and I went, "I'd date you."

Too bad he didn't hear it. Boohoo *licks lolly*. Anyway, we decided he could buy a second-hand kancil and RM4000 to spare.

Ah, I met two of my old shcoolmates in the good ol' LRT! Been sch a long while. First it was Hui Ling; will always remember her telling me seriously, "If you laugh a lot, you'll get wrinkles and fat!" LOL. Always nice to talk to her. Then it's Sarah, who's starting to remind of Lindsay Lohan. This girl and I have a lot of memories together, we were friends, then enemies, then friends again =). We've known each other for more than a decade, back to the days when we were only 1 meter tall, lol.

Argh, gotta get started on my analytical drawing assignments. Drawing shapes in one/two point perspective and a design of our own. Sounds easy, but it takes a long time to finish. Good God, my heart is starting to race just thinking abt it.

That's all folks! *drags self to room*

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gianne said...

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Sunday, 15 August 2004 2:57 am
yeah, malaysian idol was abit of a dissapointment.

let's hope it picks up next week, and the sound system was kinda sucky.