Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Word association! College->stuck->real bored

     People! Currently am goddamn bored and rather miffed. Guess what, am at college, and it's now 6.30pm. And here's another guess what, am stuck here till 7.30! ARGGGHHH!!! Enough of waiting! NOW I wish I have a car. Wait, scratch that, I need a dang license first! Loads of my friends deem it ridiculous to not have the power at the steering wheel (Actually, more like the ability to be v colourful in your words. e.g: "OI! You *bleep* *bleep*, your grandfather's road ah???!!??? *BLEEP*!!").The pc in the lab are Macs but somehow still prefer Windows. Ah well, comfort is home. I mean, windows is so compatible with so many things (not to mention viruses as well...) and it's pretty much user friendly. I can't even edit the HTML in this blog now! BTW the mouse sucks big time... Nearly lost my temper. Aiyo, still got 40 minutes.... *complain moan* Am done.

     Thoughts racing in my head like nobody's business (well technically it IS nobody's business). Ah, something made me smile on v early Monday morn as I was commuting to Masjid Jamek to catch the LUCT bus. Have to wake around 5am (so early, it's sinful), and naturally, you'd be grumpy. Well. it was the Star LRT driver who made that smile. Over the speaker, you'd noticed that he has a cheery voice and he was trying to imitate the Putra announcement. First he said his welcome to Star LRT in both BM and English. Then at every station, he pretended to be the lady anouncer in Putra. Then when the train was stalled for a moment, he said sorry WITH specific reasons why. God, it sounds stupid here, but it did made me smile. Alrite, NEXT!

     Finally got a social life (hurrah!) which basically makes life less boring and I think I ought to stop crapping so much (in real life, not here! This is crap central!). Even at coll, not much events that's worth mentioning. Hmmm... wait, there's one, for life drawing class, we went to Times Square. Quite bangang because I travelled all the way from KL to Cyberjaya THEN I was brought back. $%^%$$%!! Anyway, paint some mural - colour in the lines for some KL August Merdeka Fest. Free labour I suppose? Lol. Ah, did a bit of shopping as well. I got a snow cap! Or a beanie as some might call it.

     When I got home, I wore it around the house for fun. My mom was eyeing me/snow cap for quite some time. Finally, after 15 minutes, she asks in this very careful voice: "Girl, why are you wearing a tea cosy on your head?"

Was caught between humour, incredulousness and rather insulted if I might add!

After the explaination, my mom took to calling me "Tea Pot" for the next two hours. Harrumph!

Will post a pic of me and my 'tea cosy' when I get back home. Eh, it's already 7.15!!! Yay! Well, see ya later, alligator!


Update: Am back home, reached at 9.30! *phew* lol. Anyway, changed the fonts and here's me wearing the snow cap or tea cosy or whatever you want to call it...

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gianne said...

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1. Silhouette left...
Saturday, 14 August 2004 1:14 am
ooo...This song really applies to you... I'm a little teapot short and stout, here is my handle here is my spout! :P Okay lar you look quite cutesie in that tea cosy