Saturday, September 04, 2004

A Certain Russian Incident

Imagine this : It's your first day at school. You're terrified at the prospect of meeting new friends, new environment etc. Your parents assure you that everything will be alright, you'll love it, it's a new chapter in your life! The next thing you know you're in the middle of the school's gym, surrounded by terrified children and adults, not to mention the bombs and armed men. While on the way to the gym, a few bodies lay scattered on the floor.

You might have guessed it by now, am talking abt the Russian hostage incident.

When I first heard this news, a feeling of great injustice bubbled. For crying out loud, the hostages are CHILDREN! Deers against cheetahs with genetically enhanced speed. The terrorists are really sad creatures, major losers as you might say. Take away their bombs and their friends! Alone they cower and shiver. It's just so sick the way some people have absolutely no conscience. When they sleep, so they hear their victim's final screams? Do they not see the frozen look of the dead? Are they not brothers, fathers, how could they not feel the pain of the relatives who are left hanging outside? Blood were splashed most inside while the tears reign outside. Two days without water and food. The first thing the survivors did when they got out of the hell hole was drink and eat. Too traumatised to talk.

It's over now, the death count is 322, 155 of them are children. Parents will be missing the patter of tiny feets, that music. The silence, a room devoid of laughter. Due to the confusion however, a lot of relatives have yet to know whether their loved one is okay, injured or dead. The ones who survived may be part dead. The trauma they had gone through, newspapers had even compared their experience to the Vietnam veterans, who until this day are still scarred.

The vulnerable, the innocents always die/suffer first. My heart goes out to all of them involved in the ordeal (obviously on the victim's side, i applaud the deaths of the terrorists and cursed those who escaped). In a world, a time like this, barbarians still exist. Sad bastards. Hope they rest in pieces down at burning raging hell on a satay stick.

Now I kiss the ground of Malaysia.


Was reading manga comics (borrowed them off Lean Chiew), just to see the different styles and in a way, to understand what the heck my collmates are so crazy abt. so when my aunt peered over my shoulder and asked me what i'm doing, i went, gleefully, "May Yang, I'm studying!". Ah the pros of doing animation! =P

I used to religiously read Doraemon and my mom would get mad over it. Oh the irony! Anyway, currently reading Yuyu Hakusho... like it so far, devoured 6 of them in 24 hours. Certain parts is really funny, or make me go, "BODOH!!!" *laughs*. Drawings = pretty good. Love their expressions. However, I do find that most of the characters look alike, if not for the hair and clothing. Hmm... have one more series to enjoy, but gonna flip through it again for my 'instant-noodle' course for manga characters. Starting to enjoy them, and this coming from someone who used to scorned manga for their 'perfect' characters.

Ah, pride swallowing moment *gulp*.

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