Sunday, September 26, 2004

Holiday Spent!

finally moved pc into room! had to neaten my room up again though... after encountering several problems and a lot of dust bunnies, me and my dad found a small ickle space to put my pc, so basically there's not free space for anything else in my room...besides me that is XD. now my parents are getting real worried, 'cause they think i might not sleep with this pc in my room, due to the fact am an addict! erm, i think they may be right, lol. furthermore, my bro helped me buy the sims 2 (mental note: owe him 20 bucks... ouch, my wallet...) and am afraid install it, may end up permanently stuck to the pc and shall turn into a panda-looking funny-smelling geek.

my holiday has gone to a waste. a lot of my assignments remain under the calling "unfinished". very very horrified now.

been to my old high school recently. the moment i step into school, am reminded of the times i was dragged upstage for being late. *bows head in shame with the rest of late-comers* then the memories of all the joys and sorrows that befell in my 5 years there. oh speaking of late, was NEARLY late to meet felix (the cat!) XD. ahh, good ol' days!

me buddies were there, it just feel bloody fantastic seeing them again after sch a long period of time. chatted with loads of them but not for long... they have obligations as responsible students to attend their classes =P. met some of my juniors as well and one of them went through a transformation - got me real surprised for a moment, thinking; is this her? *blink blink* the last time i saw her, she was this mousy shy f1 kid. now? v extrovert, confident, talkative f2 prefect. then there's this subtle change of the expression on her i used to know, yet what difference it made!

there was only two of my teachers that i wanted to meet (and give a packet of keropok! 'cause the last time i visited one, he says, "no buah tangan?" [no gifts?] heheh).

first stop, LK teacher... ended up talking to him for 1 hour ++ and somehow it turned into politics. both of us dont like samyvellu and he tells this joke "in Thailand, there are a lot of sami (monks) but no toll. In Malaysia there's just one Samy, but a helluva number of tolls."

5mins before school ends, i went to see my Add Maths teacher - one of the teachers i respect most. he has always been strict but observant; one of the classes i actually paid attention to.

after that, me, Felix, Stacy and Yuet Lee ate at McD's... Stacy is with her usual fai-fai talks, being hilarious, having Felix as the butt of the joke. don't normally mix with them, but i do sometimes. and hell, i miss this. life moves on though and let's leave it at that. =) dearly hope we will still be in touch in the years to come. won't be hard to do anyway, since friendster's existence

yesterday, went gallivating (as my mom puts it) with Pui Yee and Lean Chiew in Midvalley. LC was trying to buy some clothes, but most of the time we were just walking around trying to find a place to sit and chat. anyway, let the pictures speak! have some videos as well, but have not found a place to upload it... bloody funny imho.

that's all, folks! *tap dances out (with cane and top hat and all)*


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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. Pui Yee left...
Tuesday, 5 October 2004 1:17 am
...can u like...not publish...ALL the photos? some of them are please i'm begging u...see i'm down on my knees...gonna kow-tow next...

2. Your favorite person left...
Friday, 8 October 2004 9:46 pm
i see you haven't updated since September 26. busy playing sims2? lol yea.. if i had sims2.. i'd probably be playing it right now as well ^_^

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3. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Saturday, 9 October 2004 12:42 am
Pui Yee:Hohum... bribe me =P hahah, tell me which pics, I'll bring them down (then enlarge it and post it up again XD jk!), i'll deal with it when my net starts not screwing up.

Supererica: hey, thanks for dropping by! as for the sims 2, er, after i installedit i find that my graphic card doesnt supportit. so i'm just doing some nice lil' salivating when myfriends talk abthow amazing sims2 is...*pap*... oh the torture...