Thursday, September 09, 2004


Seems like someone kicked Tiger Woods off his comfy seat as the world number one in golf, and someone is this guy called Vijay. A day after his winnings, it came out in the localnews that Vijay had once applied for citizenship in good ol' M'sia, two decades back but it wasn't granted. Newspapers lament the fact that if he had been granted citizenship here, he would bring up the name of Malaysia, where he'd be plastered with the Jalur Gemilang and 'Malaysian Spirit'.

Somehow this news irked me. No, not because I'm miffed at the man's success, but how the media love to do the what-ifs. Also, by bringing this history up, Vijay would be reading the paper (if he do, that is), thinking, "Ahahahhh, now regret leh!"

It reminded me of Guy Sebastian's over-coverage in here. Btw, he's the Australian Idol, for those who watch no TV... insane... Anyway, the thing with Sebastian is that he was a Malaysian, but migrated to Down Under while he's still little tyke (okay, fine, 6 years old). He grew up in Australia, yet he was only in the local spotlight when he won the Aust Idol. In fact, I don't recall him being in the news before his win in AI. The local media blew up the fact, in every interview, article etc, that he was born here. I didn't minded much, but it got to a point where it got nauseating. I wonder if Guy ever get that dejavu feeling in every interview, every TV appearances that he did in M'sia?

I just wish that this country would stop looking back, and thinking what-ifs because these things are over and gone, there are plenty (barrels and barrels!) of talent right here. They are just waiting for the right soil to bloom. If we keep throwing them cheap fertilizers and give them water that leaves them barely alive, they will grow, yes, but not to their full potential.

By saying cheap fertilizer, I do not mean we give them a lot of shit (well, in a way, we do...a little...), but by the facilities, the coaches etc etc. Citing the sports as an example la. In school, PE teachers are often those not trained in sports. How could they lead, guide the students if they themselves are not qualified coaches? The sport facilities in schools have gotten way better, I must admit, but the thing is... it's just not utilized properly I suppose, to cut a long story short. There are a lot of coaches who need jobs, the Government ought to hire them to coach in schools, say twice a month. When students hear that it's a qualified coach, they're bound to be more interested.

As for the water, am actually referring to the moolah, the dough. Our national players... well, their pay is not enough? Despite all the "Malaysian Spirit", "Malaysia Boleh", "Make Malaysia Proud", it's undeniable that money will play a part in it. It IS important, besides craving their name, they need it to survive. In Western countries, there are so many talented atheletes clamouring to get into the national teams and usually the cream of the crop, they can survive by having a job as a sportsman whereas here, it's not advisable to take that path.

Slightly related, don't even get me started on the Govenrment's plan to lure back Malaysians who had migrated overseas.

Ranted enough I suppose =P.

Now off to my poor neglected assignments.

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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. Silhouette left...
Friday, 10 September 2004 12:24 am
Yes. Those what-ifs. We can never get it out of our system. Whats done cannot be undone, we all

know that, so whats the point of recalling old memories and going on about what we could have

done to salvage a situation? Quite pointless, really...

2. Andy Lim left...
Sunday, 12 September 2004 5:28 am
The Vijay Singh - PR status issue has been mentioned once long ago. It's because of the missed

oppourtunities that makes them relish the idea. Well, no use crying over spilt milk. Give 'em

more shit. XD

3. Pui Yee left...
Tuesday, 21 September 2004 3:03 am
good lord, i never blogged about this due to laziness but u've said it all, u've said it all!

so what if vijay was here 20 yrs ago? HELLO media! basking in BORROWED triumph? keep skin la!

*cough* apologies for the language.