Friday, October 08, 2004

Malaysian Idol: Is it just me?

     Ah, the end is here [for Malaysian idol that is,lol]. to be anal retentive specific, the results will be announced in abt 24 hours, after all these weeks! One thing abt these long running competitions, you start to identify or at least, feel 'close' to the contestants. After Nikki dropped out, started to feel slightly sad. With American Idol, it wasn't so much, although had felt absolutely furious at the exit of the realllly good singers and those who weren't so good remained, but MI is closer to home =P.

     Now. Is it just me, getting this 'BAMMM!' dejavu feeling for the finals? Physically, Jac is like Fantasia and Dina is like Degarmo. Even the voice... that husky, grainy voice of Fantasia/Jac and the powerful clear singing of Degarmo/Dina.
      Dina sang the first two songs absolutely fabfab, but blew it with her last song.
      Jac did an absolutely great finish, and like LC says, the final song 'Gemilang' was a bit like 'I Believe' by Fantasia Barrino. All judges's opinions keep pointing to Jac, that she'll be the Malaysian Idol.
       Even as I type this, I keep messing up the MI and AI finalist names. THIS is how simliar it is.

      Dina looks and sounds sad at the duet... I don't blame her. I mean, after all this months! i think she has a feeling that her friend will win, not her. I feel kind of sorry for her... if Jac wasn't in, she would be the 1stwinner. There's a bit of unfairness here, because Jac is semi professional and Dina got off on an even footing with the rest of the contestants. And she improved a LOT. However, I'm voting for Jac. Cuz she can do some butt kickin' in World Idol and can prolly rival Fantasia... As for Dina? If she has an album out, I'll definitely go get it. mind you, not pirated! =P

     Will the outcome be similiar as AI? The wait (and voting) begins. Have more stuff to blog abt, but currently,uh, have some stuff to settle. Streamyx is acting all sucky again for the past two days. The connection is all broken up like fallen glass.

     near the end of Nov this year, I'll be getting a 2-3 months break...oh God,am soooo gonna die of boredom. But the initial rest would be good. and will complete my website. GAH!

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