Sunday, October 24, 2004

Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head

Ah, the rainy season. Drops of water, a collection, travelling down the sky and hits whatever solid with a nice mini 'SPLAT!'. It's nature's way to play water balloons with Earth, or perhaps being cheeky, childish. Nature's lullaby.[ Or perhaps the sky is going through a depression]? Still, refreshing plants and refilling lakes, ponds and such... If you have ever stood under a drizzle, it's one of the nicest, simplest pleasure in the world (although, try to avoid acid rain will you? ;P). However, as much as I love rainy days, how rain fuel life, I just wish that, instead of providing breeding places for mosquitos, they would just drown those little buggers.

For a week now, these buzzing bloodsuckers have been feeding on me. They've bitten my eyebrow area, my ears, side of face, my arms, my legs and the bottom of my feet (the last being the most irritatingly itchy). DO I LOOK LIKE A BUFFET TABLE HUH??!!??

And yes, they just gotten The Spray. Bwahahaha, am a certified Mass Mozzie Murderer(MMM)!!!

Ought to get together with my cousins... mozzie hunting are their hobby XD.

In abt 3 weeks, I'll be reverting back to my Oxygen-Wasting phase! But for now, there are 3 final projects left to complete and more hair to pull out. Do wish me luck, I need truckloads of 'em!

Gianne the mozzie-bitten sleep-deprived panda

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