Monday, November 29, 2004

Custody Battle?

Alright, bitchin' time.

You know those days when you just sit down and think how ridiculous and childish some people can be? This is my day.

Let's just say a certain ADULT relative of mine is creating havoc just because she didn't get what she wanted even though we had apologised to her. Now a lot of my relatives are mad with my family, especially me.

During my bro's bday party where all my relatives attended, my mom told some of them that she's planning to sell Madie, but she also knew how attached I am to Madie so she added, "But see what Gianne says."

No one wanted Madie until a family friend came, Uncle, bringing Madie's older sister (Lily) who is almost an adult. He then proceeded to tell the story of when he was walking Lily, a few came up to him, offering to buy Lily and also one who wanted to 'ta-chung', meaning mate her with his dog or smthg. She's only 6 mths old! Uncle exclaimed, which prompted that man to jot down a number and press it into Uncle's hand, telling Uncle to call him when she's old enough. He'll pay him for the...service?

Only after that, a lot became interested in Madie, especially one relative of mine ("woman"). For her son it seems. We didnt even confirm that we're selling Madie to her but she began telling her son that this will be his dog. I was already getting goosebumps by then. Frankly, not matter how adorable her kids are, that kid is a major brat, although his sister is much better than him and I've seen how they handle their dogs. I'm not saying they can't be angels, but when brats argue, whatever is between them get damaged. They are simply not old enough to be responsible (although there ARE irresponsible adults, I deny not). Both kids below 8. I do not blame a child when he/she is spoilt... it's the parents' fault.

So this morning that woman called my ma, saying she want to pick the pup up today. Upon hearing that we are not selling any longer, she became real mad. Because her son (the brat) has been bugging her since Saturday. So my mom was trying to explain the situation. The woman refused to listen. She called up my brother and told him, "I want that dog! You settle it! [slam phone]". For the rest of morning, she kept calling back and bugging my mom about it. When my mom apologised to her, that woman slammed the phone down on her(not the first time).The next thing I knew, my uncle, my aunties, my cousins and my grandmother knew about this and they are mad at us. Woman was saying that her son wants the pup and he wants it NOW. She even lied that my mom specifically invited her to our house to see the puppy... we had invited her over for my brother's party, without any mention of the pup.

The things people do in their fury... imho, they make themselves into complete idiots!

My grandma actually called me up and scolded me. My chinese wasn't that good, but she insulted me a little. And some more which I prefer not to reveal. I was pissed, but the language barrier held me from justifying things. So pissed and yet half-bemused by the dramatic turn of the event (over an innocent lil' puppy!). Besides that, she was saying smthg about getting a heart attack and that she don't want to hear my or my mom voice anymore. After i put the phone down, I think my dad and bro are rather surprised over the litany of 'colourful words' that escaped my lips. Not to my grandma, mind you, but to woman.

One of the reasons they think we ought not keep the pup is due to our financial situation. But like my bro said, a single investment for 10 years of happiness... how wrong can we be, my family is feeling so down and with pets, we're happier. We have the right to be. Woman spends her money on her perfectly manicured nails and nail art, one nail for RM10, so take out your calculators and start a'countin'. Not to mention pricey massages and facials. She has her joy, why want to take ours away?

There's so many dogs that they buy/take, play and then discard. Frankly, they don't truly love dogs, in my POV, dogs are just money-makers to them. The moment they are bored with the dog, they'd sell it off. The only reason they are keeping their pedigree Great Dane is so they can breed her and get $$$. When my mom explained that I've gotten attached to the pup, she retorted, "Give any dog to Gianne and she'll get attached la... I throw my Bingo to her also she'll get attached!"

Okay, she actually offered to exchange her Jack Russell pup, Bingo, for Madie. Listen up you stupid bitch (woman, not Madie), you only had Bingo fora few months, just like every other puppy you bring in, what the fuck you think dogs are? Items to be bartered? Even I hesitate when giving any of my dogs away, but perhaps it's because you never truly care about them. Bingo is a darling! Whenever I give dogs away, I try my best to give it to the best possible owner. Just because you have money doesn't qualify you as a good owner. You need more than money to take care of a pet. And I don't think you take good care of them. If you can't even handle your own kids, what more of a dog?

Oh yea, the irony of the whole thing is that she is a kindergarden headmistress.

Because of her silly immature tantrum, she has created disharmony among us. Sometimes I just want to slap some people into obvilion.

Now that my mom had to call every single sibling of hers to explain what truly happened, so it's rather settled. And now that I look back, it's quite comical in a way. This whole situation is so yelling, "DRAMA QUEEN!!!" and it reminds me of a bloody soap opera with feather boas and fainting damsels and people waking up with their hair all neat or lipstick on perfectly and their morning breath smell like roses.

There's two options: Give her back to her original owner and help to find a suitable home. Keep her. If the former happens, I will let that little $#@%@ whiner squirm everytime she sees me. But it will solve the damage that woman bitch has caused. No friggin' way am I giving Madie to her...

If we really have to give her away, I am getting pretty good at unattaching myself emotionally. Just take every trace of her existence away from me and I could imagine she never existed. Don't let me see her go because I will cry.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Hello World, this is Madie

Absolutely did not intended to have another companion to join my family, but this one might be. Introducing, Madie (or for a fancier name, Medusa), the 'Teddy Bear'!!!

Was actually JUST supposed to be puppy-sitters, we did not intend to keep her because of Keanny, but have grown rather attached to her. Madie, my lil' alarm clock aka wakes me up at 8am AND 10am by biting my face and tugging my hair. Her breath stinks btw. It's amazing how fast a puppy can grow... Just last week when I first held her, she's palm size... now it's two palms to hold her, ppl! =P Her biting stage has just begun, and I'm keeping all of my precious things from her reach and warning my family to take a leaf out of my book as well. Currently she snuck under my bed to play and has fallen asleep there. Hope I can keep her. *cross fingers*

Twas my brother's bday party today, although technically, his bday was two days ago. It's his 21st bday, he qualifies for every damn legal age limit, so it had to be special. Happy Bday, brah!

BBQ we had, and ooooh, yummy yummy i've got love in my tummy... Chicken, mutton, lamb, pork sausages, potatoes, SecretRecipe's delicious brownie cake, jellies, bu bu cha cha, noodles, garlic... so many more... weight many more... XD

I STILL haven't figure out what to get him (hey, better late than never! =P). Wanted to get him a disco ball (RM80) but he decided he doesn't want it. Hmm... what abt a Japanese lamp? My budget is RM100 and below, GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS!

Found a job although the pay is not that attractive, but hey, weekdays only! Don't really feel like working. But when the green stuff is low in your household... erm, when do I start, ma'am? *grumble grumble* It's a data-entry, tie-up-the-loose-ends job which am pretty familiar with. Boring and monotonous. Have tried Chicken Rice Shop, Pets Wonderland, Starbucks and countless other, either they have no job opening or their wages ain't high enough. Yea, yea, so I'm picky.

Watched Vandread the anime... borrowed it off my cuzzie. Watched 13 episodes straight, with the first four episodes twice. I couldn't have enough of it. Can't wait to watch Season 2!

Supposed to improve my absymal drawing skills this holiday... whoosh! down the drain it goes!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hold On Tight... for a Longwinded Ride!

If i knew how to dance, I'd do the hula dance to the music blaring from my Winamp. For a while anyway. 3 months of holiday sounds like heaven on earth when you're washed down with countless oncoming assignments. Currently it's like, "... Now do what??"

Oh, hibernating at home has upped my crappiness level. Must be the atmosphere. Bloody nuthouse.

Have broken a mop. yes, you read it right, a mop. there i was staring at that confounded stick, thinking, 'oh crap oh crap, another half of the house to go, and there is no bloody way that would make me finish the job like Cinderella aka get down on the floor and scrub with a cloth.

Once my mom learnt of the 'bad news', she muttered something about having a barbarian for a daughter. And that I must finish my job somehow.

On the bright side, instead of a flimsy cloth, I used the mop. I never want to look at that stupid broken mop again.

Fairytales are lucky that I'm not in it. If I were Cinderella, I'd murder my evil stepfamily in their sleep for treating me like a slave! And take all their money. *pause for the sky to darken, the storm to form and the final touch, a lightning bolt to strike menacingly across the sky* Mwahahahahahahahaa!!!!!

Right. NEXT!

Mylo is so possesive of her food that even a mop has 'THREAT' written all over it. That overgrown rat growls, bark and snap if anything get near the food she barely eats. She'd park herself,with her legs slightly splayed (to make self appear bigger. fat chance! - pun intended) in front of her biscuits and her eyes would dart maniacally at any approaching objects moving towards her bowl. I wonder why we sayang her so. Even my other dogs, Keanny and Fido never give us trouble...Perfect angels.They never retaliate with bared teeth when we smack them for misbehaviour. They wouldn't snap at us when we pat them on the head while they are munching on their food.

Speaking of Keanny... my mom and bro decided to put her to sleep. It's time I suppose, for she was partially blind and probably 99% deaf. The only reason we didn't put her down before was because she still had that spirit. She would greet us with joy when we get home. Racing from the front gate to the back gate and she'd start acting absolutely cute. Today she could barely walk. And she was whimpering. I don't know whether it was good or bad that I wasn't there, I was in Sunway Lagoon when my mom called at abt 1pm. If we don't put her down today, we have to wait till next Wednesday for the Raya holidays to pass. The decision was made. My mom chose a package, which includes the dog's burial by the vet. So when I got home, she wasn't there. It's as if she never existed. Mom was upset that she had to order our pet of a decade to death. It's really euthanasia, but in theory, it's easier than in real. Even though my mom was okay with the idea of 'mercy killing', but the idea of playing God and watching Keanny pass away in front of her was heartbreaking. I never got the chance to say goodbye, weirdly I do not miss her. Only sometimes I search for her, forgetting that she is dead.

Keanny or as I fondly call her, "Old Woman" was a gentle soul, she was calm yet at moments, oh so playful. She caught our attention at the pound with her soulful, wistful eyes. While the other dogs clambered and yapped and fought for attention, like a queen she arrived late, hopped gracefully with her front paws on the cage and just looked at us. She stole my mom's heart. And later ours. Although she DID drag me for 3 meters on the tar road as I held her on leash when I was 9 human-years and she, 21 dog-years. Only the other day I was carrying her, she 91 dog-years and me 18 human-years. She's the place to go to when you're down and she will look at you as if she understood your predicament. Maybe she really did. Terribly afraid of rain and thunderstorm and fireworks, you can give her belly rubs any day, she'd love you for it. When she is given a bath, she'd look like a goat... but when she dries, she would look like some fluffed-up lamb. RIP, Keanny. You'll always be in my heart.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

friendster: the shit hits the fan? hmmmm

taking a very quick break from mah assignments which shall make me lose sleep for two days.

after the recent upgrade from friendster it seems like certain ppl has lost all their adored testimonials. and i happen to be one of them. abt 30 testimonials if i'm not mistaken. well, it could either turn up again [friendster always screw up once in a while) or it will be gone forever. either way, the 'victims' are pretty much pissed. you can see it in the bulletin boards.

but then again i am not mourning strongly for my lost testimonials. as said, it may reappear like magic.

or else, i can get people to write me fresh spanking new testimonials. they may write extra due to 'pity' at my 'loss' if they want. bwahahhaah.

when life ( or friendster...) give you lemons, make lemonade.

got the new RM5 note...made out of some kind of plastic i presume. which i think it's pretty cool 'cause i tried tearing it and failed!!!
Cellotape will miss some of its sales. =P

Update: Am getting a real kick out of the stuff people put in the Friendster's bulletin board regarding their testimonials. E.g:
1) I want my testis back!!!
2) Where are my testis???? I can't live w/o them!
3) Friendster stole my testis!!!


Friday, November 05, 2004

i vote for buses and trains

apparently my dad wants to get me either a kancil or a kenari. which will probably end up as a decoration. because my brother claims he would rather ride a bicycle than to drive a kancil. because i havent even stepped an inch into a driving school yet.

sad, ain't it? first thing an average adolescent would do once they are legal, they'd get the license to kil-, i mean, drive. a sample of conversation with my old buddies from high school.

me : i havent gotten my driving license.
friend : *goes into an epilectic attack* serious? wah, like that your life is not worth living.
me : ... so i'm supposed to find the profound meaning of life in a steering wheel?

okay, fine, that conversation was dramatically 'enchanced'. sinfully as the matter of fact. it swerves so much, it's practically a U-turn. and i was talking more nonsense in that. sometimes i likes to portray self as someone logical and sensible. so sue me, i'm bored.

i wonder why some people would rather get a car than a education. i wonder why people still get them even though they know how bad traffic jams can get, which, on the bright side, will enchance a certain part of their vocabulary. did i mention the amount of Schumacher-wannabes who ought to be riding a three-wheel bicycle instead? maybe cars are like cigarettes,even with the rising price on tabacco, people are still willing to dish out their hard earned cash on it. i wonder if they are aware of the harm they are causing to nature.

i wonder if i'm normal to even have thoughts like these.

of course, who am i kidding, a car IS useful, especially if you have to depend on my country's oh-so-lovely public bus service. i've waited for nearly two hours just for a measly public bus. the lovely february weather did not make the waiting period any better; by the time the bus came i looked as though i've jumped into the ocean and had dunked my face in red paint. it's useful when you're all dressed up and you dont want your dress to look all crinkled before you arrived to the destination. and yea, my mom picked me up in her car nearly everyday at the LRT station. because am too impatient to wait for the damned bus. therefore, no doubt it helps.

only i dont see it as an absolute necessity.

i believe in buses, trains and car-pooling.*nods head*

...and am going end this rather lamely here. Two more assignments to go. The approaching holiday injects a sense of laziness in my veins. and am confused yet again by choices. but that's another blog entry =).

truly madly deeply,
gianne the lover of life.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Run Gianne Run

have you ever had something you truly fear? a glimpse of it is enough to make your heart skip a beat. but somehow, you face it head on and fought. at first you are brought down to your knees, in defeat you bow. yet it gave you courage to rebel. sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. but with experience, you begin to win more than losing. finally at the last 'battle' it seemed that you have triumphed over its retreating shadow. for months, its claws remain unseen.

and suddenly it reappears. despite the fact you had conquered it before, a greater fear sweeps over you and you are freaked. a minor slip, and it manifests in pure view. instead of facing it, you run. and then you keep running. running till every breath in you is spent. then you stop to gasp some air; whenever it appear, it drowns your soul. in solitude, you walk to the still pond, to wash your face, to wash away your fear. as you kneel and cupped some water in your palms, bringing it to your face, your burning eyes stared back from the reflective surface. and it finally dawned that you've been running away from something that is right there with you all the time, in the depths of your eyes.