Monday, November 29, 2004

Custody Battle?

Alright, bitchin' time.

You know those days when you just sit down and think how ridiculous and childish some people can be? This is my day.

Let's just say a certain ADULT relative of mine is creating havoc just because she didn't get what she wanted even though we had apologised to her. Now a lot of my relatives are mad with my family, especially me.

During my bro's bday party where all my relatives attended, my mom told some of them that she's planning to sell Madie, but she also knew how attached I am to Madie so she added, "But see what Gianne says."

No one wanted Madie until a family friend came, Uncle, bringing Madie's older sister (Lily) who is almost an adult. He then proceeded to tell the story of when he was walking Lily, a few came up to him, offering to buy Lily and also one who wanted to 'ta-chung', meaning mate her with his dog or smthg. She's only 6 mths old! Uncle exclaimed, which prompted that man to jot down a number and press it into Uncle's hand, telling Uncle to call him when she's old enough. He'll pay him for the...service?

Only after that, a lot became interested in Madie, especially one relative of mine ("woman"). For her son it seems. We didnt even confirm that we're selling Madie to her but she began telling her son that this will be his dog. I was already getting goosebumps by then. Frankly, not matter how adorable her kids are, that kid is a major brat, although his sister is much better than him and I've seen how they handle their dogs. I'm not saying they can't be angels, but when brats argue, whatever is between them get damaged. They are simply not old enough to be responsible (although there ARE irresponsible adults, I deny not). Both kids below 8. I do not blame a child when he/she is spoilt... it's the parents' fault.

So this morning that woman called my ma, saying she want to pick the pup up today. Upon hearing that we are not selling any longer, she became real mad. Because her son (the brat) has been bugging her since Saturday. So my mom was trying to explain the situation. The woman refused to listen. She called up my brother and told him, "I want that dog! You settle it! [slam phone]". For the rest of morning, she kept calling back and bugging my mom about it. When my mom apologised to her, that woman slammed the phone down on her(not the first time).The next thing I knew, my uncle, my aunties, my cousins and my grandmother knew about this and they are mad at us. Woman was saying that her son wants the pup and he wants it NOW. She even lied that my mom specifically invited her to our house to see the puppy... we had invited her over for my brother's party, without any mention of the pup.

The things people do in their fury... imho, they make themselves into complete idiots!

My grandma actually called me up and scolded me. My chinese wasn't that good, but she insulted me a little. And some more which I prefer not to reveal. I was pissed, but the language barrier held me from justifying things. So pissed and yet half-bemused by the dramatic turn of the event (over an innocent lil' puppy!). Besides that, she was saying smthg about getting a heart attack and that she don't want to hear my or my mom voice anymore. After i put the phone down, I think my dad and bro are rather surprised over the litany of 'colourful words' that escaped my lips. Not to my grandma, mind you, but to woman.

One of the reasons they think we ought not keep the pup is due to our financial situation. But like my bro said, a single investment for 10 years of happiness... how wrong can we be, my family is feeling so down and with pets, we're happier. We have the right to be. Woman spends her money on her perfectly manicured nails and nail art, one nail for RM10, so take out your calculators and start a'countin'. Not to mention pricey massages and facials. She has her joy, why want to take ours away?

There's so many dogs that they buy/take, play and then discard. Frankly, they don't truly love dogs, in my POV, dogs are just money-makers to them. The moment they are bored with the dog, they'd sell it off. The only reason they are keeping their pedigree Great Dane is so they can breed her and get $$$. When my mom explained that I've gotten attached to the pup, she retorted, "Give any dog to Gianne and she'll get attached la... I throw my Bingo to her also she'll get attached!"

Okay, she actually offered to exchange her Jack Russell pup, Bingo, for Madie. Listen up you stupid bitch (woman, not Madie), you only had Bingo fora few months, just like every other puppy you bring in, what the fuck you think dogs are? Items to be bartered? Even I hesitate when giving any of my dogs away, but perhaps it's because you never truly care about them. Bingo is a darling! Whenever I give dogs away, I try my best to give it to the best possible owner. Just because you have money doesn't qualify you as a good owner. You need more than money to take care of a pet. And I don't think you take good care of them. If you can't even handle your own kids, what more of a dog?

Oh yea, the irony of the whole thing is that she is a kindergarden headmistress.

Because of her silly immature tantrum, she has created disharmony among us. Sometimes I just want to slap some people into obvilion.

Now that my mom had to call every single sibling of hers to explain what truly happened, so it's rather settled. And now that I look back, it's quite comical in a way. This whole situation is so yelling, "DRAMA QUEEN!!!" and it reminds me of a bloody soap opera with feather boas and fainting damsels and people waking up with their hair all neat or lipstick on perfectly and their morning breath smell like roses.

There's two options: Give her back to her original owner and help to find a suitable home. Keep her. If the former happens, I will let that little $#@%@ whiner squirm everytime she sees me. But it will solve the damage that woman bitch has caused. No friggin' way am I giving Madie to her...

If we really have to give her away, I am getting pretty good at unattaching myself emotionally. Just take every trace of her existence away from me and I could imagine she never existed. Don't let me see her go because I will cry.

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