Saturday, November 06, 2004

friendster: the shit hits the fan? hmmmm

taking a very quick break from mah assignments which shall make me lose sleep for two days.

after the recent upgrade from friendster it seems like certain ppl has lost all their adored testimonials. and i happen to be one of them. abt 30 testimonials if i'm not mistaken. well, it could either turn up again [friendster always screw up once in a while) or it will be gone forever. either way, the 'victims' are pretty much pissed. you can see it in the bulletin boards.

but then again i am not mourning strongly for my lost testimonials. as said, it may reappear like magic.

or else, i can get people to write me fresh spanking new testimonials. they may write extra due to 'pity' at my 'loss' if they want. bwahahhaah.

when life ( or friendster...) give you lemons, make lemonade.

got the new RM5 note...made out of some kind of plastic i presume. which i think it's pretty cool 'cause i tried tearing it and failed!!!
Cellotape will miss some of its sales. =P

Update: Am getting a real kick out of the stuff people put in the Friendster's bulletin board regarding their testimonials. E.g:
1) I want my testis back!!!
2) Where are my testis???? I can't live w/o them!
3) Friendster stole my testis!!!


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