Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hold On Tight... for a Longwinded Ride!

If i knew how to dance, I'd do the hula dance to the music blaring from my Winamp. For a while anyway. 3 months of holiday sounds like heaven on earth when you're washed down with countless oncoming assignments. Currently it's like, "... Now do what??"

Oh, hibernating at home has upped my crappiness level. Must be the atmosphere. Bloody nuthouse.

Have broken a mop. yes, you read it right, a mop. there i was staring at that confounded stick, thinking, 'oh crap oh crap, another half of the house to go, and there is no bloody way that would make me finish the job like Cinderella aka get down on the floor and scrub with a cloth.

Once my mom learnt of the 'bad news', she muttered something about having a barbarian for a daughter. And that I must finish my job somehow.

On the bright side, instead of a flimsy cloth, I used the mop. I never want to look at that stupid broken mop again.

Fairytales are lucky that I'm not in it. If I were Cinderella, I'd murder my evil stepfamily in their sleep for treating me like a slave! And take all their money. *pause for the sky to darken, the storm to form and the final touch, a lightning bolt to strike menacingly across the sky* Mwahahahahahahahaa!!!!!

Right. NEXT!

Mylo is so possesive of her food that even a mop has 'THREAT' written all over it. That overgrown rat growls, bark and snap if anything get near the food she barely eats. She'd park herself,with her legs slightly splayed (to make self appear bigger. fat chance! - pun intended) in front of her biscuits and her eyes would dart maniacally at any approaching objects moving towards her bowl. I wonder why we sayang her so. Even my other dogs, Keanny and Fido never give us trouble...Perfect angels.They never retaliate with bared teeth when we smack them for misbehaviour. They wouldn't snap at us when we pat them on the head while they are munching on their food.

Speaking of Keanny... my mom and bro decided to put her to sleep. It's time I suppose, for she was partially blind and probably 99% deaf. The only reason we didn't put her down before was because she still had that spirit. She would greet us with joy when we get home. Racing from the front gate to the back gate and she'd start acting absolutely cute. Today she could barely walk. And she was whimpering. I don't know whether it was good or bad that I wasn't there, I was in Sunway Lagoon when my mom called at abt 1pm. If we don't put her down today, we have to wait till next Wednesday for the Raya holidays to pass. The decision was made. My mom chose a package, which includes the dog's burial by the vet. So when I got home, she wasn't there. It's as if she never existed. Mom was upset that she had to order our pet of a decade to death. It's really euthanasia, but in theory, it's easier than in real. Even though my mom was okay with the idea of 'mercy killing', but the idea of playing God and watching Keanny pass away in front of her was heartbreaking. I never got the chance to say goodbye, weirdly I do not miss her. Only sometimes I search for her, forgetting that she is dead.

Keanny or as I fondly call her, "Old Woman" was a gentle soul, she was calm yet at moments, oh so playful. She caught our attention at the pound with her soulful, wistful eyes. While the other dogs clambered and yapped and fought for attention, like a queen she arrived late, hopped gracefully with her front paws on the cage and just looked at us. She stole my mom's heart. And later ours. Although she DID drag me for 3 meters on the tar road as I held her on leash when I was 9 human-years and she, 21 dog-years. Only the other day I was carrying her, she 91 dog-years and me 18 human-years. She's the place to go to when you're down and she will look at you as if she understood your predicament. Maybe she really did. Terribly afraid of rain and thunderstorm and fireworks, you can give her belly rubs any day, she'd love you for it. When she is given a bath, she'd look like a goat... but when she dries, she would look like some fluffed-up lamb. RIP, Keanny. You'll always be in my heart.

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