Friday, November 05, 2004

i vote for buses and trains

apparently my dad wants to get me either a kancil or a kenari. which will probably end up as a decoration. because my brother claims he would rather ride a bicycle than to drive a kancil. because i havent even stepped an inch into a driving school yet.

sad, ain't it? first thing an average adolescent would do once they are legal, they'd get the license to kil-, i mean, drive. a sample of conversation with my old buddies from high school.

me : i havent gotten my driving license.
friend : *goes into an epilectic attack* serious? wah, like that your life is not worth living.
me : ... so i'm supposed to find the profound meaning of life in a steering wheel?

okay, fine, that conversation was dramatically 'enchanced'. sinfully as the matter of fact. it swerves so much, it's practically a U-turn. and i was talking more nonsense in that. sometimes i likes to portray self as someone logical and sensible. so sue me, i'm bored.

i wonder why some people would rather get a car than a education. i wonder why people still get them even though they know how bad traffic jams can get, which, on the bright side, will enchance a certain part of their vocabulary. did i mention the amount of Schumacher-wannabes who ought to be riding a three-wheel bicycle instead? maybe cars are like cigarettes,even with the rising price on tabacco, people are still willing to dish out their hard earned cash on it. i wonder if they are aware of the harm they are causing to nature.

i wonder if i'm normal to even have thoughts like these.

of course, who am i kidding, a car IS useful, especially if you have to depend on my country's oh-so-lovely public bus service. i've waited for nearly two hours just for a measly public bus. the lovely february weather did not make the waiting period any better; by the time the bus came i looked as though i've jumped into the ocean and had dunked my face in red paint. it's useful when you're all dressed up and you dont want your dress to look all crinkled before you arrived to the destination. and yea, my mom picked me up in her car nearly everyday at the LRT station. because am too impatient to wait for the damned bus. therefore, no doubt it helps.

only i dont see it as an absolute necessity.

i believe in buses, trains and car-pooling.*nods head*

...and am going end this rather lamely here. Two more assignments to go. The approaching holiday injects a sense of laziness in my veins. and am confused yet again by choices. but that's another blog entry =).

truly madly deeply,
gianne the lover of life.

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