Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Run Gianne Run

have you ever had something you truly fear? a glimpse of it is enough to make your heart skip a beat. but somehow, you face it head on and fought. at first you are brought down to your knees, in defeat you bow. yet it gave you courage to rebel. sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. but with experience, you begin to win more than losing. finally at the last 'battle' it seemed that you have triumphed over its retreating shadow. for months, its claws remain unseen.

and suddenly it reappears. despite the fact you had conquered it before, a greater fear sweeps over you and you are freaked. a minor slip, and it manifests in pure view. instead of facing it, you run. and then you keep running. running till every breath in you is spent. then you stop to gasp some air; whenever it appear, it drowns your soul. in solitude, you walk to the still pond, to wash your face, to wash away your fear. as you kneel and cupped some water in your palms, bringing it to your face, your burning eyes stared back from the reflective surface. and it finally dawned that you've been running away from something that is right there with you all the time, in the depths of your eyes.

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