Thursday, December 16, 2004


Two days hath passed since the premiere of 'The Phantom of the Opera' of which, tickets courtesy of Charlene {By the way, she now has her own blog... visit it, she's a magic carpet weaver of words}, allowed me to see a movie before it's official release to the insignificant common public (JUST KIDDING!!! heh.) and as usual, being a procrastinator...


Someone please knock my head with a blunt object, with the words "Hello, where are you been???" carved upon blunt object because my initial impression of PotO is some old fodgy mystery movie. How wrong I was. Not that I've even laid my hands on the literature, just my own brain creating a certain image at the mention of opera. Yes, Pavarotti with his Nicoletta (or smthg) mooching in the sun. Hey, my ma used to get Woman's Day, gossip central, something I vowed never to read because they are somehow related to P. Di's death. Anyway, veering off topic as usual, PotO is a must-see. I know there are some people who balk at musicals, but if you like excellent singing and kinda-tragic love story, what the hell are you waiting for? Git yer shoes and park that butt of yers in front of the ticket's line!

The initial introduction to the past is simply superb. So rich and magnificent you'd be awed... Truly beautiful.

And of course this is a musical, there's going to be a lot of singing. It's even better than 'FAME'. There's something about their voice, or perhaps the words, everytime they sing, a trickle of tiny feathers swam through my spine, then the endless branches of veins. The best actor here is the Phantom himself. The leading lady, not really an actress this one, not saying she was awful, only that it's limited. But when she sings, you can FEEL those emotions. Her expression is very good as well. And Minnie Driver is bloody EXCELLENT in this movie. What was her character? For me to know and for you to find out. =P I wish I could hurl myself into the movie and live it. On a second thought, even if that's possible, I think I'll pass, since I'm a closet William Hung.

PotO should had been given more publicity. But then again, it's good that they spend their budget on producing an excellent movie, rather than spending it on advertising and end up with a lousy movie that has everyone dazed that they actually spent their hard-earned RM10 for such crap.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Getting paid to 'goyang kaki'

Don't know what's wrong with me these days. My temper flares up so quickly it's breaking the highway speed. Or my mood would drop so fast, I could feel the G-force. Reaching 10, slow down, slow down, before it crashes in the depths of nothingness. Heh. Reminds me of my history lesson. I forgot what were they called.. starts with 'S', if my memory betray me not.The word I'm thinking is 'Sumithra', but it isn't the right one. But they believe when they die, they will be chucked into some dark cave with nothing but dust.

Which now reminds me of a quote, from Jewish I think: From dust you are borned and to dust you shall return.

We're more than just dusts. The soul(s) that resides within makes us human. But all of us are aware of that anyway.

My keyboard's space bar went to MissingLand the other day and I had to type-like-this-for-abt-four-days.

I wonder why good things come only when you don't have the time. When I had free time in November, I was feeling lethargic and did nothing much except breathing. Then towards the end of Nov and beginning of December, I've got Madie to take care of, discovered the joy of manga (NARUTO!!!), got addicted to Gundam Seed and Vandread (they are animes), I started practicing my drawing skills, gotten some books from the Dec BC meet, hung out with my cousin etc etc. Just a day after I was salivating over Gundam Seed, a call came that I've gotten a job (yea, I decided to forgo my initial job offer because the salary is too low). And I was to start the day after that.

For a week now, have been working in an office, which feels like an igloo in North Pole or Alaska or similiar, where we need refridgerators to keep things warms. I nearly got a frost bite from not wearing a jacket. Even if I had my jacket on, it's still damn cold! It's semi-heaven everytime I go for lunch. Not that the people in the mall has the sense to raise the temp over 0 degrees but when my food come, it'd real hot, with steam and all, so you'd find me hovering my frozen palm above my steaming bowl/plate of food, with a blissful look on my face.

Oh, I'm working in Great Eastern office... Next to it, it's GE mall.

My job, is quite simple. It's like this, whatever fax comes in, it won't be printed out, but it will go into a pc, where I will view it and route it to the respective departments. It's quite cool, but it has me sitting all day staring at the confounded screen. So, unless a fax come in, I'm totally free. There's a lot sometimes, but mostly not much. I tried asking my colleagues for smthg to do but mostly they don't have anything for me. And I don't want to disturb them much. If someone asks you, "Got work for me to do ah?" everyday, you'd bound to get pissed.

The boredom is killing me. Countless times, I nodded off. Coffee has since then become my saviour from blacking out. Doodling as well. A LOT of doodling. Feel kinda guilty at times, everyone else is so busy, but here I am drawing cartoon faces and chobits.

I want to learn a new language.

And Madie wants to pee right now. I'm her chauffer to her doggie toilet. Stain my carpet not!

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