Saturday, January 01, 2005

Aloha 2004 and 2005!

Is it true that when you get older, time is but sand flowing between our fingers? A snail that has freakishly metamorphed into a jaguar. Nor can we catch these particles before it falls because when it is attempted, the present and future is ignored, neglected.

Alright, enough with my -hopefully- poetic shit... HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEEPS!!! May lil' bouncing 2005 greet you in his underwear in the morn while wistful and wise 2004 fades away, gently and quietly, into memories.

Though it's hard to brush 2004 away from our shelves, from a tragedy that swallowed up over 100K lives. It's heartwretching to read the news and the vulnerable, raw pictures that accompany it. There's one that I nearly cried when I look at it, from The Star, this Indian couple sobbing over their motionless son. Or the one in CNN, a father walking into his wrecked house and coming out with his dead child in his arms. You could see he was trying hard not to cry, so hard not to, trying to keep it inside, but he simply couldn't. [To help, please refer below]

Working in an insurance company at times like this... a boy who was insured, had broken his spine due to the tsunami. Really sad.

The Creator is both Life and Death.

Initially wanted to party/go clubbing 2004 away, but it just doesn't feel right at the time like this. Watched Eurotrip in hobbit's house with some friends (Vishul, Wai Kit, etc). Bloody funny. R-rated and downright hilarious! Vish was especially funny today, even though he pulled (or was it tore?) his hamstrings pretty bad. Was in stitches. Not to mention LC's blurness =P. Had brought wine but it was later smashed. Don't ask.

2004 in a peanut-shell: sweet, fun, eye-opening, self-discovery, heartbreaking, masks unveiled.

The leaves still dance in spirals when there's wind teasing.

01 Jan 2005. Wow.

Info to help Tsunami victims (From Malaysian BookCrossers Group)

For your information Mercy Malaysia's staff & volunteers at the moment are so busy in the office making preparation for the relief aid for the local & international tsunami/earthquake victims. Even a meeting on one of our other programs that is suppose to be held this evening has already been postponed. There are many ways to help of course, through donation or lending your hand in their office and warehouse. Please contact them through this channel: Mercy Malaysia, 03-42569999 or Their office is in Ampang Point, in one of those buldings/shophouses facing Ampang Putri Specialist Hospital. And the warehouse is in Taman Setiwangsa (but ring them in the office first before going to the warehouse). Thanks.

Mercy is appealing for public support in the form of cash and cheques for further deployment to affected areas. Cheque contributions can be made out to Mercy Humanitarian Fund, with "South-East Asia Earthquake Appeal" written on the back of the cheques. Donations can be deposited directly to Mercy Malaysia Maybank Account No: 5621 7950 4126. All donations are tax exempted. For further information, please contact 03-4256 9999.

About calling Mercy to lend a helping hand
Sure,nobody will turn down any offer of help especially during the time when it is most needed! Even if you drop by the office and ask them about any job to do, that is the least that you can do. Or maybe pick up the donation can so that you can start your own donation drive (collect donation in your office, among family members / friends, etc.) And if you think you have started being passionate about volunteerism by doing all these things, you can immediately fill up the form & sign up as a volunteer/member like yours truly! There is nothing to lose! Except a lot to gain, especially in term of the smiles of those people that we have helped!

Being a volunteer with Mercy, it is you that have to decide how much help you wanna give & to what extent you wanna volunteer your time/energy. They will never force you to do this & that! So, don't be afraid about the commitment!