Monday, January 09, 2006

But If....

How does one stay true to themselves? For what they believe in and for what they know is right for them.

The everlasting tides often cloud over my feet, of which is atop the purpose of my life. These tides of words, actions, exposure hurls in uninvited, but examined and proded and brooded over appropriately. Some pulls you like the opposites of magnets while some repel. When the tide pulls back, sometimes my eyes would be at the sunset, the dawn instead... wishing of being the sun or the moon. And just when i thought of stepping away from the spine of my beliefs, it reappears again, beaming stars on my ground.

What if the stand on my foot is not right, but wrong? Should I take a step towards the other stands? But if it topples me instead of supporting me, will I be able to turn back and find it again? Or should you be stubborn, and stay put?

Further away there's more stars to be seen, graspable yet intangible. Or sometimes they're just writings in the sand.

Like the strings hanging down from thousands of balloons and you're not sure which is yours to hold onto.

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