Saturday, January 07, 2006

Damn you KLPAC....

... for being so damn hard to access by public transport!! Beautiful place, great events (THEATER! RAKUGO! just think the artsy fartsy stuff!!) and all, but the location...!!! Even the taxis don't know where to find it and the last time Kez and me had to hitchhike our way out to the main road... it was fun though, haha! And when I asked me mam about driving me and my friends there, she started to complain about the jam there, it's very late, yada yada, which could just boil down to one word which is 'no'.

Okay that's factor 1 for the cancellation of today's plan... Factor 2, the event is outdoors. It's rainy season. Add them two together and voila!

Damnation, I really wanted to go... it's this independent music fest, Street Roar 2006, and it features musicians from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia's own! I might have forgotten some, but ARRGGHH!!!

I hate missing things like this. And it's only for one day too. Fuckage.


(Beware: A bit spoiler for Fruit Basket anime on paragraph below)
And so I drowned in my misery by watching Fruits Basket back-to-back. Okay la, not misery... FB pretty much cheered me up with its hilarious moments ^___^. It's not only funny but touching as well. The way the main character Honda Tohru describes some things, she uses metaphors but it really hits the spot. Especially when she was saying people are like umeboshi (it's a kind of rice cake with a fruit/sweet on one side). Their fruit/sweet is on their backs, so they cannot see their own fruit/sweet. Which is a reason why people envy another as they think themselves as plain rice, not knowing that they have a fruit/sweet on their back, which everyone but themselves can see. My description sucks, but seriously, a feel good series.

At least to me.

I like the opening song too... but it falls seconds to UVERworld's D-technolife (awesome lyrics)

Other anime series I've gotten hooked on to are Bleach and Paradise kiss. Jac burnt for me 43 episodes of Bleach! Thank you muchly, woman! Another 20 she hasn't yet, but I started downloading on my own as I can't wait =P. Oh yea, here's a group pic of mah primary school reunion that day
Image hosted by
Awwwww, all grown up!!!
From left: Christina, Yue Ann, Jacinth, Lisa, Man Ee, Sarah and moi

Missing is KabbiKabbi aka Abbilashya as she left early =(

[Eh, my friends all tiny ne. Why the big one right in front? I should had sat further back in order too look smaller - you know the whole perspective thing XD]

Christina is as soft spoken and gentle as ever; I've hung out with her once in a while as her school was near mine. Yue Ann was the supremely smart one in our school and she used to have some social standing (Meh, human instincts even in primary school hehe). She's the one who organized this reunion! Jac went to the same high school as I and she's my first friend in primary. Here's something freaky: on the 2nd day of primary, we played catch and I fell and she stumbled on top of me. In the 2nd month of high school, we played chase again (for fun!!!) and.... I fell.

Talk about dejavu... XD

Lisa was real sporty in primary and always outrun us in sprinting. Man Ee, I used to take rides home with her and I'd hang outside her house looking at the three-legged dog next door. Sarah's the Lindsay Lohan look-a-like; I love her hair, it's so thick and wavy (mine's fine and little TT.TT). I tricked her into believing that I had an invisible friend when we were 11... until we're 16 and I told her the truth XDXD!

And me, the former 'grandma' of the class (because I talked nonstop) and the crybaby ^.^;;;. The one who laughed too loud too.


Okay, lame. Anyway, they told me I'm a walking accessory shop during the reunion... I didn't dare to tell them I 'toned' down the amount of my bracelets that day XD. Damn, now I'm missing them.

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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. wyejon left...
Sunday, 8 January 2006 1:14 am ::

KLPAC... seriously nice place especially the lake and the koi farm surrounding the area.

2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Sunday, 8 January 2006 2:52 am

it is! i went there for rakugo, couldn't believe how gorgeous it is. my friend took loads of pics... which i have yet to bug her for it .;;;.

we hung out at the 'lake port'. i like the wire sofas most hehe.

there was a traditional japanese house which was in construction... i think it should be done by now.