Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Where have you been!!!" -> my auntie of a blog...

Silhouettes of the weary, spiderwebs and dust bunnies, the unspoken life in dreary.

Torn ambitions, right nor left, choice is but an obligation.

A road that turns into to, one with shrubs and another with tarred path. I admire the shrubs, yet it was the other I walk upon.

Poor neglected blog as usual... I had not the urge to write for the past months, writer's block maybe? Can't seem to write lately, not even a fiction. I remember the time when a single word can set me off into a fiction-writing frenzy (though crappy, but it's treasured). And the english exams, Paper 2 Section C, somehow pressure makes me churn out ideas and words that can be said it's brilliant for my standard (note 'for my standard'...not being big headed). Twas the time when the pen was my sword, my mark on the world, my saviour. Good god, I miss writing so much.

Are you ever reminded of someone from a mere sight, sound or touch? A tinkle of the wind chime, the turn of the head when someone glances back at you. And the feeling that hits you like a blow to the stomach (minus the pain I suppose =P). Most of them I would probably never see them again (not dead la...), but it's funny how I can't remember their face on command even though those memories are dear to me. But at moments like these, as insignificant as they seem, they appear so vividly my heart skips a beat. Then it's gone. There's a theory that we never forget anything, that if we think hard enough we may recall whatever we 'forgot'. Maybe triggers are needed to knock those hidden memories out of their comfortable and locked drawer. Human mind are such complicated things, fascinating yet boring if we were to dwell in its scientific facts (for me anyway). I wonder if there will be day where we can 'download' our memories and put into some hard disk or something. That way memories can never be lost in the mass of memories we get everyday. The downside would porbably be, the mysterious brain shall be, well, regular brain.

As usual, my weird ponderings of the moment.

College had started about 3 weeks ago? And the assignments piled up as if it's the second month of something. Ergh, gotta do something about my turtle speed of working. However this time around, i find that the lecturers are better than last semester. At the start of this semester (2nd), my class from sem 1 (animation/fine arts/multimedia) were divided. Fine arts (VDA) is still with animation (my course), but most of my friends, those whom I enjoy talking to, crapping to, playing with etc are all in multimedia. It's fine, but class is not as lively without them around. But it's not that bad, because during breaks I see them. Also, just realized how bad my art is. Heh, procrastinated during my nearly 4 mths of holiday....

Ah, and I have a new class called 'Photography' where we have to take 6 pictures. Large aperture, small aperture, slow speed, fast speed etc. It's quite fun, but if only I could hear what my lecturer was talking about... most of the information I had to get it from the net. Yesterday after Malaysian Studies extra lecture (which is complete waste of my darling precious time because it's the simple stuff we learnt in form 3) , together with Kezia and Chinn Yin, we scour KLCC for 'nice' shots. Can say we look quite cun, walking around with those camera bags and with another bag containing tripods... hahaha. Oh, and if you want to take a picture inside KLCC, you must ask the security guard for permission. I was the only one who took the pictures inside. Only 2 though. But only after I had to approach the guard and he was like, "Need permission letter.". If you look closely at me at that very moment, you may spot the word, "HAH?!?" surrounded by question marks around my head. then he was going on about needing to see the management and all those fluffs, so I finally said, "What if I'm taking a pic of my friend eating her lunch?". And that's alright (no letters needed). I think unless if you want to snap a lot of pictures all around KLCC and in the shop, a permission letter is not necessary. But quite paiseh, 'cause while asking that guard, another approached and went, "Ada apa hal?". Where's the hole to jump into that time! Lol. Anyway, I took a pic of Kezia eating from a bowl with the words, 'Yoshinoya' behind her (lucky the words wasnt 'Baka', jk~!). The rest of the pics were taken in the park (it's a public place so it's fine) and some at Ampang Point. At the park, I wanted to take this little boy playing in the small pond (with permission from his brother), but when I aimed my camera at him, he frozed as if it's a gun barrel, not lenses, that is pointing to him. But I shot him anyway (no pun intended =P), with long exposure if I recall correct.

Reached home and promptly fell asleep like a log, from 8pm to 5am this morning. Conclusions:
1) Lugging around camera and tripod may look cool but it's a murder for shoulders.
2) KLCC guards are very kepoh (just kidding...quite helpful la)
3) KLCC park is very big...

Till next time! (Currently wondering if there's anyone actually reading this blog - on their free will anyway, haha)

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