Thursday, April 28, 2005


there's something i yearn to achieve, but i don't know what it is. i loved so many things, even though it never turn out right for me. ballet, jazz, keyboard, singing, acting, taekwondo, debating, knitting, volleyball, try naming it, i might had tried it before. while some people take to things like a duck to water, i on the the other hand, take things like a cat to water.

what am i truly good at? i don't know. waiting tires me. can you tell me? could you? i guess i'll keep on trying until i find it.

sometimes i feel like a salmon struggling to swim against the tide. sometimes i feel carried away in a crowd. i jump and try to reach for the sky, but it's a matter of time before i sink again. the hand above a sea of black heads. the cries are muffled. who am i? what am i?

am i destined for insignificance?

yet sometimes i try not to think about these things. if i were desperate in my bid to search for myself, i would neglect others around me. enclosed in my own little world. and oh, how much i would had missed! the laughter, the tears! the friendships bonded, the company that shapes our characters. let this white sheet be splashed with colours, torn, sewn and patched. i'll be proud of my scars. never again shall my world hold only one entity. because of the world outside, i'm not merely an iota in this vast universe anymore.

Thank you.

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