Friday, April 08, 2005

monday mornings and dark rooms

considering the fact that i was a monday morning baby, i just cant seem to wake up on mornings. not that i like mondays much either. sometimes nature has their cruel jokes, like raining when your car brakes just konked out or bringing its yellow hot face out when you're barefoot on a beach. but the worse of it, in my opinion, is raining heavily at 6am when you have to get up for work, school or similiar.

she must be laughing at us earthlings' bewildered and rather miffed faces. v funny, mother nature.

i missed coll today because my comfy bed refused to let me get up and was too lazy to drag my lazy ass. it was a short debate in my drowsy state. my mom was no help. i think i should be glad i have a rather unorthodox Asian mother; she doesnt pressure me to excel in education like my friends' parents do ("just do your best and I'm happy"), we often argue without thinking about rank (like equals but not all the time...) and she tells me jokes that most parents would avoid (eg: hentai jokes...). she didnt kick my bro out because of his tattoos;

BRO: hey ma, can i get a tattoo??
MA : NO!
BRO: too bad i already got it!
MA : ...

and piercing my belly button;

ME: ma, i get belly piercing okay?
MA: cannot.
ME: don't care, getting it anyway.
MA: ...then why you ask in the first place?

however after i got it, she was showing it off to relatives, who are a bit traditional...

sometimes she regrets being so lenient because both me and my brother are rebellious (refer abv, lol) . however we're not doing drugs and those-really-bad-things, which she thinks as long as we dont do that, it's fine.

but i digress (as usual).

she says she wants to sleep too (she takes me to the ampang station) and asked me whether if i could skip coll XD.

Mid term break has arrived, but it's like the calm sea before storm. Because after this break, will have absolutely no free time except to eat, bathe or take a dump or smthg.

My coll's dark room is a source of funny events... for those who dont know, a dark room is where we develop our photos. it's totally dark except for a dim red light. i have been lucky to have not knocked right smack into the wall like some of my buddies did (hahaha). and if you're wearing all black, we could only see your head in that room... which is bloody scary in my opinion. that day Kezia sat on the table and when i looked at her, i see no feet but a head... and there's one time i was holding the red filter and trying to secure it in its place using a screw but was having trouble since i couldnt see well. my friend lent a hand. and the conversation went smthg like this;

HIM : hey, i cant find the hole.
ME : what do you mean? sure got wan, go a bit lower
HIM : still can't find it...
ME : aiya, hold this, let me help you...
another friend: hey, what are you two doing?

XD. we didnt even realise it sounded sexual.

if the kid from Ju-on appear from nowhere i think i'll take the chemicals and dump it on him. the stop-bath chemical because it's the most poisonous.

even though photography had given me a truckload of heartache, i love the process. there i am in control. i can enlarge the picture or make it smaller. i can cut out areas i do not like. it's also up to me if i want to get a dark or a light image. and after a few seconds of soaking it in the chemical, the image would slowly bloom in the blank paper.

if only life were that easy.

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