Friday, May 13, 2005

Bouncy Happy

Today is one of those days when I can't help skipping around the house in a happy mood. And I don't know why. What chemicals have my brain been cooking up? What are those neurons doing up here? or is the name 'neutrons'? Like shite I know, I didn't take biology and my general knowledge is at a dismal point. Sad really. I wish there are more people to chat nice stuff with. Because somehow my IQ seems to be dropping rapidly due to neglection of intellectual stimulation. Intelligent chats are among the things I truly enjoy, even though at times, I'm not bright enough to understand. Maybe I'm too serious? Beneath my stupidity and silliness perhaps. Am a stupid girl really. The other day someone was talking to me about handphones and to my horror, all those model names etc are alien to me. Same goes for computers. All I could do is stare blankly back at them. This coming from a former vice-president of her school's technology club. Hey, I'm under computer software la, and to be anal retentive specific, HTML and graphics. And to think I'm planning to bleach my hair blond soon XD. Nolah, maybe orange. Considering my IQ level, it's better not to fall into that stereotype...

Right, my train of thoughts taking over the mechanism in my fingers *type type*.

It's just those days when excessive adrenaline pumps through my veins... it just makes me wanna run. I get this quite often, which makes me wonder why I'm still fat XD.

Been sick for more than a week. Sore throat and slight flu. Whoever owns strepsils will love me. But after a week of avoiding sambal, curry and french fries, I dont care anymore, consuming or not consuming them makes no difference. Just hope that I won't fall -terribly- sick. My worse experience of illness was when I couldn't speak for nearly a week. Yep, that's even worse than staying overnight at the hospital for blood tranfusion, and under a charge of a nurse (actually, doctor too, XD) who couldn't locate my veins.

Not speaking for a week is a bit frustrating at times, but by the third day there was a certain peacefulness in myself. By not having a voice, I am not obligated to speak, I have a reason to stay silent. Mind you, am a sufferer of verbal diarrhoe. i can't help it. However there are certain friends of whom I can spend time with them without uttering a word (okay, maybe a 'hello' for politeness sake) and feel very comfortable. Their company is enough for me. Or maybe we just know each other too well until there's nothing to speak about.

I should be doing my assignments now. Really. Am going to be very busy totemo isogashii starting from now. And I'm still procrastinating.

3 weeks left until coll sem ends.

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