Monday, May 09, 2005

dedicated to my dead tortured spectacles

opticians get a tic in their eye (pun unintended) when they see me handle my glasses. no matter how many mini manuals they hand me, i still break all the rules of Spectacle-Care-101. my poor tortured glasses. i take them off with one hand, use my t-shirt to wipe the lenses, sleep with them on, occasionally tossing them onto some surface (hard & soft), sometimes fixing the bridge with my bare hands... the last time i had to change it was because i sat on them poor things. if i can't even sit on someone's lap without flattening it, what more can we expect of glasses? they broke like twigs when trodded on by elephants.

i got my new glasses today. just changed the lenses though. it took the guy, quite a young chap, 40 minutes to carefully cut the lenses to the shape i wanted and he held it like it was his baby when he gave it to me. He nearly went into a spasm when he saw me putting it on and then taking them off roughly, both done with one hand. Okay, exaggeration obviously, there was just a sudden jerking movement in his arms. Quickly, I held them with two hands. My glasses I mean, not him. Not to mention my glasses are frameless, thus more fragile than the framed ones.

Opticians are really anal when it comes to proper glasses handling, especially the two-hands-rule. i've encountered 3 so far. they should had been driving instructors instead.

but he did my lenses really nicely, i can see better now. so, even though he'll prolly never see this, doumo arigato.

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