Saturday, May 28, 2005

Is This What We Call...? [fiction]

It was his laughing eyes that trapped my eyes, and later my heart.

Cliche-ish as it may be, but he brought out the best in me. Every time I am with him, it's as though the surroundings morphed into a green meadow with fragile deers, chirp-happy birds and curious rabbits. Many feelings, hidden beneath an inch of dust resurfaced, clumsy yet triumphant. He's my exhilirating roller coaster ride, as it plunges down from the heavens, my momentary lightness by floating in the air. My heart seems to grow bigger and press against every veins and nerves in my body. This heart of mine that refused orders from my analytical brain, just for this eagerly awaited skip in the heart. A single touch that sends tingles up my spine. When he looks at me, a certain warmth blooms from my innards. How can something deemed sinful feel so good?

Is this what we call 'love'? Is it enough if I say his arms are my home, my comfort blankie where a single smell brings back thousand memories? When i feel an electric current that jolts me alive when his fingertips touches mine? when he shields me with his coat as droplets fell from the sky? when he kisses me in my morning breath? With his arm draped over me now and his breath caressing my face gently, I wanted this to last forever.

Suddenly his beautiful lashes flutter and he wakes. He smiles and I melt, remembering the time when he confesses his love. Then he glances at his gold watch at the side table and says shit i'm late. The wall clock says it's eight and it is night.

It's time for him to return to his wife.

{ fiction }

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