Friday, May 20, 2005

it's a hard day's night, been working like a dog

when i look at my canvas, i feel like crying.

i seriously do NOT know how to paint.

*goes into depression and self-pity*

gonna drag the dumb thing over to coll tomorrow to seek major help from my lect.

i have stress from my toes to about one meter above my head. design studies project haven't been aprroved. there's an exam tomorrow. i've been sick for nearly two weeks and getting a nauseous feeling these days. and no, i'm NOT pregnant. and i hope my photography prints turn out okay... why the heck do i have to wait four days for one 11R pic??? siaoness!

smile for the day: in the lrt, a mother carrying her boisterous child while her husband tags behind. both parents had dark circles under their eyes and moved rather slowly as though v lethargic. now i could see why babies look so damn fresh, because next to their parents, the contrast 'complements' each other, lol.

off to study.

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