Thursday, May 26, 2005

Painting, painting and more painting.

Yay! 8000 visits to me humble blog! Doumo arigatou~~! Not that I'll receive any award or anything, but at least I know there are people comin' over here =P.

My legs ache from crossing it for a long time. I propped up my canvas against my bed and sat on the floor. Luckily my composition is horizontal... find it easier to paint than vertical. Anyway, update on my painting, getting a hang of it after painting for 4 hours ++ straight. It doesn't look like Drew Barrymore (my subject matter) but at least it looks human. Am 'following' Fragonard (Rococo)'s style of painting (we have to follow a master's style) and the way he paints, the face is detailed and careful and the rest is free stokes which is not that detailed but shows the form... So when I'm done with the face, the rest (hopefully) would be easier. Fragonard is a genius. Unlike boring boring art, his paintings and drawings mostly suggests fun, cheekiness and slight erotica.

My mom had came to check if I was alive, the perfect moment when I was mixing colours on the side of my knees (my palette ran out of space). I looked at her and she looked at me and went like, "...." then shut the door again.

I'll post my painting once I'm done with it. Now resting.

Twas 4pm when I got home from coll yesterday after a night nap of 2 hours, I ate then promptly fell asleep. Until 10pm. And I can't collect my 11R photos until Tuesday because the photo shop closed at exactly 10pm. Boo-hoo. Then I showered (yea, stink like hell), ate, then promptly went to sleep again.

Hey, I'm a teenager okay, need sleep to grow. Albeit horizontally. Same thing I suppose. Bah! My bro calling me 'Chu-pa', I think it means pork chop something.

Back to cause legs pins-and-needles. Toodles now.

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