Monday, May 02, 2005

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Have you ever seen the 'Shake, Rattle and Roll'? If not, join me when I'm doing a presentation! Okay, I don't do the dancing (unless if you count shaking as dancing... if yes, don't go clubbing. ever.)... it's actually a phobia.

I don't get it. If I can dance Tango or a subdued version of the CanCan Girls (Hi Puvi! *wink*) in front of the classroom full with people, why can't I do a bloody presentation without stuttering, err-ing and stumbling over words? It's times like these where I really envy those who waltz in the room, who barely practiced what they are to say, and words flow out from their mouth, amusing and entertaining the audience. Born public-speakers! GAH!!! it's just so frustrating!

well, a lot of advices has been dispensed to my directions; speak more in front of people! practice in front of the mirror! wear a very low cut blouse and a short short mini skirt! (haha, what if i'm presenting about rape about an irony) and probably one of the weirdest, drink a lot of water beforehand and hold your bladder during presentation, which supposedly makes me concentrate on the basic necessity and slide through the presentation like someone on a oil-strewn path.

But the advice I use most (though, still not effective for me...) is imagine your audience in their underwear. But in my nervousness, there are times when I possess extra-extra Superman X-Ray power and see them in their birthday suit instead. Not a pretty sight. But not counting the time when my crush was among the audience *evil laughter*. what a happy day it was XD. I'm still wondering who thought that up. There must be more variations of this advice. whatever makes you comfortable, happy and amused? e.g.: people in bunny suits (effective for male speaker in a roomfull of well-endowed girls). For nudist... maybe they should imagine people in clothes? =P

another day, another confession. (someone should really get the Christian Confession Box for non-Christians where they'd sprinkle tap water over you instead of Holy Water)

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