Sunday, June 19, 2005


Rolling over and landing on her belly, Sandra groaned when she saw her friend starting up Tony Hawk skateboarding game in his computer.

"Oh geez, that game again..."

"What's wrong with it? Hey, it's a good game," Thomas defended his favourite game.

"How about actually getting a skateboard and trying them? Sports are meant to be lived, and not be stuck in front of the computer and doing triple turns using the bloody keyboard. I think the idea is to exercise."

"Look, it's people like me who can't even balance themselves on ground but want to do real skateboarding? You nuts? I'll end up in the emergency room within seconds on a board..." said Thomas, remembering that he didn't exactly ended up in the emergency room but instead into the meter deep drain. The incident had made him suffer from an ankle sprain, deep cuts to his knees and a blow to his pride.

Sandra tutted. "Well don't even get me started on your FIFA. I don't get people like you. It's out there! Go get it. Why be stuck in your little fantasy world that you could actually do those stunts. It's a computer screen. You're like this creature squishing his face on the glass window to glimpse the fun on the other side."

"Oh well, it's my life ain't it? By the way, what happened between you and that fella?"

"Oooh, trying to change the topic aren't you? Nah, I broke up with him. He just isn't right." Sandra thought of the way he wouldn't be affectionate with her in public. Clumsy. He also have a hairy chest. Bleurgh.

"Really? But I thought you gushed about him, erm, just a month ago?"

"Yea, sure I did... I mean, he has a lot virtues but there's some things that is... just not right. Not really compatible with him. I want someone whom I can feel totally right with."

" mean someone who would bend and serve at your will? You can't expect people to be perfect." He clicked an option, cursing his slow computer. It was loading at a turtle speed.

"Why not?" huffed Sandra.

"Ah, 80% is good enough," Thomas said, pleased that his computer was faster this time.


"Oh nothing, I'm referring to the game."

"Why did I even come here? I rather watch you skate or play the footie in reality. Sod it, I'm going home to play The Sims."

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