Friday, June 24, 2005

Guess what?

You know those annoying little creatures that buzz around you when you are trying to sleep? You do? Good. Then do you know those promoters who just won't leave you in peace when all you want to do is shopping? Sounds about the same doesn't it? Guess what happened.

I became them since Monday *grin*. Erm, the promoter that is, not the mozzies...

Currently working in Digi Roadshow in LowYat Plaza, will be there until the end of this week. The whole process of metamorphosis into a buggering salesperson is quite gratifying. Other than the thickening of the skin, I also got to learn the art of walking alongside my 'victims' and almost running into a wall, another person or similiar. Hopefully the level on my persuasive speech is rising... or fall... I know not!

*Ahem* People come from all walks of life, therefore I get to meet a lot of unique customers... some of them are plain polite, weird, rude, cheeky etc. And some just want to drink a free coffee or ice tea courtesy of Starbucks/Digi. There was one whom I greeted "Excuse me..." went "Mr Lobba Lobba! x3" *fade into distance*. One example of plain polite is when this guy patiently listened to me, then a thought suddenly hit me, "Hey did I talk to you before?" and thankfully he says "No. but two of your other colleagues did." But it happened... when i greeted some people twice or more. i mean come on, how many variety of people actually go to LY? Usually it's familiar faces etc. But some faces don't stay in my mind... only when I get nearer, I recognise their smile, or the mole on the chin or their ears, etc.

Back to customers, there was one guy who kept kutuking Digi (not that I give a damn, I use Maxis myself - shhhhhhh- but of course got feel a wee bit insulted la...) and then say/request all stupid kind of things until I knew it was pointless to 'convert' him. Then he actually had the cheek to say "Eh, got free drinks right? I want to sit there and just drink." So i tell him the drink are for interested customers and he was like *huff* then i don't want digi anymore. WTF, you are not interested in the first place. Stupid old beerbellied man. Baka Yarou! I wanted to throw my shoe at him. I actually do not mind if they do not want, but did he have to act that way? Don't want then just go la. Now that I think of it, if I were evil, I could had said sure have a drink and then *do* smthg to it. LOL. Now this paragraph is turning into some rant area isn't it? Then there's this two guys who are really friendly, when I told them about the extra line they're like, whoa! can give 'yee-lai' (mistress), LOL. Then one was joking, I give you French kiss! And with the most serious expression I could muster, I go, Sorry,against company policy. Keep in touch but not that way. Although they did not subcribe, I had a fun time chatting to them, but as it went on I felt a bit awkward 'cause I know they aren't gonna buy yet they are still sitting there. Scared boss marah weh.

Also, I tried several techniques... but in the end, I revert back to my original one. One of them that I tried is ,"Get one free one!" People are really terrible. If it ain't free they don't want it. Anyway, I tried that, it did stop them for a while but the moment I continue, "Just sign up for our Postpaid pla-... hey where did they go?". But for existing Postpaid customers there's a promotion... supplementary line FOC. Even there's no need to pay for monthly fee as it's free for life! Only pay what you call/sms/etc. That one they like a lot. Totema daisuki desu!!!

Ah, we promoters have the power of repeling. When someone spots us, it's like they try not to walk near us but trying to keep their path sraight. so if u see form abv, u'd see a person walking a straight line, then along a semi-circle as they are trying to avoid us then back to the original line again. 'Charmed' should include us. The power of threepromoters. =P

I did a mistake for two of my signed lines... because the management didn't inform us enough! But it's settled, thank god. And I'm so not gonna cover the escalator area because it's like a moving sushi food thingy... what goes up, will come down. so same ppl. Now smarter, stand in the area... that why I got more sign ups today than the rest of the past three days combined. Which is very little really.

In my opinion, I think that the offer is pretty good. Maybe if Digi covers more secluded area, it's will be hot buns on a cold day. Haih, three more days... hopefully I can do better.

Feeling fatigued, been on feet since morning. It's amazing I didnt topple over.

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