Monday, June 13, 2005

Konnichiwa, Yasumi-san...

Semester ended with a bad taste swirling in my stomach. Haven't exactly been an angel lately. Even if I spoke to my friends about it, they are unable to taste this feeling. It's like how some people deem a certain delicacy too sweet while other find it fine. Anyway, the taste has since dispersed into a mere memory.

By the way, holiday started a week ago... Within a 24 hour span of 'Merdeka!' (Freedom!), the thought of 2 months dwiddling away precious free moments made me feel dreadfully bored. I miss my hectic schedule, my assignments. I miss waking up late and rushing to the LRT station with a bread in my mouth. I miss my friends especially. I always hate it when the moment you get close to someone, holiday comes, so contact is on hiatus, until the new sem starts. Maybe some occasional SMS messages but that's about it.

SO yea... what have I been up to so far? Went out with Charlene on Wednesday to MidValley to watch a French film, Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flower of Quran. Initially I wanted to watch Les Choriste, tried to book that but it's full. So bonjour, Monsieur Ibrahim! Before entering the theatre there's a sign at the door which went smthg like: Dear viewers, whilst the film is running you may see some scenes in black, in accordance to the Malaysian Censorship board. So alright, fine, the MCB again. Haven't they died out of old age or at least drown in their narrowminded/egoistical views? About 5 minutes into the movie, where the main character was going to lose his virginity (haha, I love the French), suddenly a black silhoutte of a cardboard covered the screen. Nothing but sounds. They had the guy manning the film up there to block it! I found that damn hilarious. Anyway, it's a good show. Besides that, Char and me went to the Indian Festival Fair... Bangles, Punjabi Suits and everything related to Indian galore! There was a Chinese Muslim too, from China, selling uh, chinese stuff. I think he read something wrong somewhere. Then we saw a lady drawing gorgeous designs with henna on someone's arm. And it's cheap. Nyek. I had mine done on the arm while Charlene had hers done on her forehead. She looked like some exotic princess =).

Then on Friday, went to MidValley again. This time with Lean Chiew, Pui Yee and her friend Jun Hoe. Usually it's only LC, PY and me, so JH was a 'new member' XD. Had a really enjoyable time, there are a few moments where I laughed till my sides hurt. Never bored when we all hang out. Oh yea, we watched Les Choristes. My verdict: A simple story, but the way it's filmed made it extraordinary. At first the summary of the film made me think it's gonna be a slow one. But it's not. Throughout the film, scattered a lot of endearing moments and humour. The boys' voices were extremely good as well. No wonder I couldn't book the film twice in a row.

I'm dead bored of MV already.

Been eating a lot lately... three cakes in a week. Erm, Father's Day, Dad's bday and I forgot the third (see, too much cakes!). And you know Chinese people, they somehow enjoy stuffing you with scrumptious food until you can't take it anymore.

Peeled some sweet potatoes for my Ma's BuBuChaCha soup and my hands itched like hell. Kept scrubbing and scratching my hands and arms, but it's only a temporary relieve. I think I scrapped some skin off as well. Aiks.

Recently got addicted to a very popular Korean series, Jewel In The Palace, it's showing on Astro's Wah Lai Toi and they dubbed it in Cantonese... not that it matters to me, I understand neither Korean or Cantonese (mine ain't so good =P) and I rely on the good ol' Malay subtitles. It's on weekends and shows 3 episodes at one shot, so I've already watched up to 6 episodes. Anyway, it's already a rage in Asia, but I, of course, am always oblivious to what's new until the fuss died down a little THEN I watch 'em. Gahhhh, I'm so out-of-date sometimes. But it's really good. Thank god it's the hols so I can transform into my old role, which is beached-whale-in-front-of-telly. Hmmm, gotta somehow change it into 'dolphin' or 'ikan-bilis' (haha, fat chance) or similiar.

Btw, as said, will post up my painting. Had. . At least I did something right for this sem. Grr.

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