Wednesday, July 20, 2005

jogging in the moonlight...

Hi, it's me again.

Remember me?

I'm the girl who could never keep something up regularly, no matter how much she wished to.

I'm lazy and blank in the head.

So sue me.


It's nearly 6am in the morning and I can't sleep. My eyes are wide open when the muezzin calls out the faithful to prayer. When people wake and start their car for a brand new day at work or school. When the street lights flicker and go off. When my neighbour wakes and starts retching loudly (for your information she's not bulimic. Apparently some kind of sickness.)

Only then do sleep calls me.

The air looks tempting for a nice little jog around the neighbourhood, but it's dark and my mom will kill me if I'm ever that reckless. My brother is snoring and I can't drag him to be my jogging-accost. Everyone is asleep. All tucked into their comfy blankets and dreaming of silly, weird, happy dreams.

Isn't there any other vampyres nearby that I know?

To veer off the topic a little, the best 'air' for a jog is when freshly cut grass and after-rain misty coolness are combined. It's like cycling, but only you're on your own two feet. As for freshly cut grass... somehow it's a very refreshing smell. However if there is ever going to be a perfume inspired by that, I'll skip. Imagine the guy you like just walks up, sniffs and goes, "Mmmm, you smell like freshly cut grass." What a way to break whatever romantic ponderings that you might have.

Even though I can't jog for 5 minutes straight without feeling like fainting, it's nice to get out once in a while. I'm trying to jog for 10km straight though. Starting slow. It's a long road (pun intended) but I'll get there. Otherwise I'm strongly hoping for a shooting star to pass through my gaze. May this paragraph NOT jinx it.

Was looking back of high school days. Partly because my friend mentioned about the yearbooks and I was meeting up with a couple of my former Eng. Lit. gang, Asha and Sharanya. Flipping through those pages, I felt a wave of nostalgia that could never seem to ebb away. Is that the feeling when I see the class photo of Form 1 and watch the transformation of my friends, myself until Form 5? I made a lot of mistakes in high school, but now I know it's our stepping stones to make us. I've always said that my life in high school started only in Form 3. I'm glad it wasn't any later... the fun we had! Sneaking off BM and Moral classes, sitting in the corridor chatting (the passing teachers seemed to believe the cock&bull story me and my friend cooked up), hanging off the corridor balcony and announcing the teacher's arrival, getting reprimanded for wearing shorts instead of long trackbottoms (then bitching about it later, lol) and the list goes... Why do these short years still glow so much?

Even though I was against the whole 'power-greedy' thing for club posts, I kinda regret not getting into the politics. Would had made my days there more fun, lol. And wished I had been more competitive. What to do, was such a peaceful person XD. And now only regret, what the hell have I been missing!

That's why yearbooks should stay in the cupboard. pfft, make me all "When I was young...." LOL.

Oh yea, my pc crashed on me twice in 3 days. Reformatted twice. Lucky for my new DVD writer... managed to save the important stuff before fate took my darlings away (from hard disk anyway =P).

When you realise that you need some real social contact: A friend calls you up and you start chatting happily away, and she tells a joke and you go, "LOL".

Booyah, I'm off for a light jog. Ta.