Saturday, September 03, 2005

beachin' time!

am feeling quite tired these days. usually do not take afternoon naps but lately have resorted to them. it's not my intention really; i'd just get this magical power to doze off with no knowledge and waking up a couple of hours later, singing something like, 'where have all my hours gone? long time sleeping... where have all the hours gone... long long time ago...'(<-- non-oldies enthusiasts will think i woke up after heavy injected sedation in a nuthouse). nah, just kidding... D'OH! who the hell wakes up singing, unless if the person is Mary Poppins or Julie Andrews in 'The Sound of Music'. besides, your breath shalt wilt plants and poison small animals. Well, first thought popping into me mind: "crap. am the last one to eat dinner, have to wash the dishes, damnation..."

but then again, ought to be blamed for my odd sleeping hours. can't help it. i try to sleep early and ends up tossing and turning in my bed for hours, the poor wood supporting my mattress has already been broken once.

the 48th Merdeka day hath passed! on the eve, while people stimulated the pressure faced by sardine fishes in either KLCC, or Bkt Bintang etc, me and my friends went to port dickson beach for a nice little BBQ (i know it adds to the haze prob... gomen nasai!!!). vishul, lean chiew, wai kit, yin san, poh yoke, irene, hui ming, maygala and yen lian. i'm closer to the first two, the rest, they are my high school seniors actually, and they're quite fun as well. at times they are really hilarious.

the beach was pretty much empty and has about less than 20 people on it. but it's a rather big area, and the sand is so smooth for our bare feet and it was the first time i saw a sky dotted with so many pretty stars. think i saw the 'Senduk' but can't be sure. the sound of the waves was just so... uh, zen?

a lot of motorcyclists on the road though. it's a bit freaky actually. have never seen such a huge single group of motorcylists. ah, and many flying our 'Jalur Gemilang'. Quite a number tied the flags around their necks... Keluang man? kidding =P. and kudos to this motorcyclist... my first time seeing this:

i shit you not. a real pity i haven't a camera at that moment. pardon my illus., don't know muchly about motorcycles.

hate to sound unpatriotic, but when the clock struck midnight, and people were yelling 'MERDEKA!' and zooming around on their motorcycles like mad, i was... prodding a chicken drumstick. there was only one display of fireworks.

later on, poh yoke, hui ming and me strolled along a beach, letting the waves wash over our feet. was told that PD beach was horrible and dirty, but the beach wasn't and i suspect maybe they meant the water. but it's dark, and i can't see, so if you don't know, it won't hurt ya. we came across many crab holes, and we saw a floating coconut that freakishly resembles a human head and someone yelled, 'BOO!' behind us. vishul! he crept up behind us and we couldnt see him in the dark! LOL. of course we jumped! i think we screamed too, lol. he ran away laughing like mad, and poh yoke vowed to get some water on him.

we played pepsi-cola. a childhood game of which it's main purpose is to try and step on the person's feet next to you, and that person can try to avoid being stepped on, but each can jump only once. if you miss, the victim turns into prey, aiming for the next person's feet. or if you manage to step on your 'victim's' feet, he/she/it will be eliminated and u get another jump. and on it goes until one person is left. now, lean chiew, aka hobbit, may seem small, but he jumps like a rabbit with flubber on his paws. he took one after another out with no mercy. lol.

another group of teens arrived shortly after we did. also bbq but they also set up two tents and brought a guitar. in the darkness of the night, they lighted up colourful tanglungs. beautiful.

my first time doing something like this... had a great time. however, was in the van from 7.30-11.30pm and then 2.00-5.00am. since that day, i can't sit in one place for too long or my butt hurts. ouch.

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gianne said...

from blog-city:

1. sephquartz left...
Saturday, 3 September 2005 9:06 pm

Muahhahaha. Dunno why my body felt so light ever since i got thinner. XD Pepsi cola is such a piece of cake, nobody seem to figure out the trick behind the game, but me, the intelligent one, figured it out without any difficulties. If you think its all about jumping you're so wrong~!! that proves how simple minded you really are. wahhahahahaa. *gloat X 10*

Anyway the PD trip was funn but the van ride was NOT fun. if only the journey were shorter we wudve enjoyed it even more. the next day i was regretting why i didnt take some chicken wings i bbq-ed and gave them all to yenlian. now so hungry thinking about it. yum.



2. GenieOnTheLoose left...
Sunday, 4 September 2005 10:05 pm

i think it's ur brain that went lighter... heheh jk. yea yea, i admit, pepsi cola is your fort, o tiny one among men!!

ergh, the journey is a bit torturous... 6 hours in van, 2++ hours on the beach. no wonder u guys opted for plane when go to langkawi. hah, see regret not eating more la! u made me look bad~~~ i as a girl eat so much and u as a guy eat like burung! harrumph!